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The Digimon Movie was comfy as hell

Aside from it being an abridged version of 3 ovas, I agree.

Summer Wars was pretty.

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I more blame Toei for making retardedly short 'Movies'
Like when I saw Shinkenger 'The Movie' was shorter THAN AN ACTUAL EPISODE I questioned life.

> Stupid Tai



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Thread theme.

>Shinkenger 'The Movie'
>20 mins
holy shit you weren’t kidding

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the movie soundtrack was one of like only 3 CDs I owned when I was 9 or 10 years old

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honestly all the baffling and ill advised choices this movie made, from butchering and slapping together 3 amazing ovas, to the awful dub, to the soundtrack, to the digirap and the fucking angela anaconda short make it nothing short of a cult classic for me. I can't imagine caring about the single ovas as much as I do about this movie, even if it is a case of so bad is good



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That boxart is a gift itself

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Pretty sure all the art included are bad re-draws because there was no official Japanese art
That's what happens when the western release splices 3 short films with varying art styles together into a single movie

I want to hold hands with Lopunny

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How do the movie songs compare to the original OST of the series? Is Let's Kick It Up actually good? Is It better than, say, With the Will (just as an example)

who are the big eyes in the top of the cover supposed to belong to?

Deva Andiramon was created for Tamers nearly a year later. Cocomon, Chocomon, Lopmon, Turuiemon, Wendimon, Andiramon, and both Cherubimon forms were created in relation to the movie, though Turuiemon only appeared in the card game at that point.

very jarring. take this scene
it is plain surreal to see the clearly japanese scenery coupled with this kind of song. that being said it is great for nostalgia

Technically they are movies since they premiered in theaters and are called 映画 and grouped together with all the other movies. It's like how all the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z movies are around 40 minutes, with the exception of the new ones. They were made for a theatrical viewing. tri., however, wasn't meant to be movies.

It's hard to describe. As a kid, I adored the Digimon "movie". I watched all the way up through Frontier this year in Japanese along with all the movies, so I am better versed in the original versions at this point. But that "movie" shaped the kind of music I like, and I still get hyped when seeing certain scenes. Yes, I like Requiem and I was excited when BlackSeraphimon fought Agnimon to it in Frontier, but it doesn't let me SHOW THEM ALL THE THINGS WE CAN DO. I like the Digirap, I like the theme that plays as Omegamon, err, Omnimon is created. I think a lot of the English dub voices, particularly Joshua Seth as Tai, are good in this movie. He's very expressive which matches the expressive animation.

The movie is blasphemy, but it's such a guilty pleasure.


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Really, the reboot is pretty fucking soulless. In the original, the characters grow and develop through hardships, and in the reboot they're just instantly competent and knowledgeable without any development.

Nice copypasta bro.

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Ey, fuck you bro. I'm just expressing my worries over the direction this reboot is going. Surely everyone loves the characters of Digimon, and not getting any development hurts, when character development is precisely what made the og so great.

I feel like it's too soon to comment on that but I will say that while I was willing to tolerate the absence of the digivolution theme seeing omnimon fucking shit up without let's kick it up as the soundrack felt just soulless


Aren't they all direct to TV specials? When I watched the Tamers film fansubbed it had an ad break in the middle still.


What was the name of that thing dancing again? I've seen him before I just can't remember it.


Go back...

now we're talking
>blowing their load with war game plot in the first three episodes
what were they thinking?

Bizarre opinions. Let me clarify that I never skip through evolutions, even if it's always bank animation. However, bank animation is filler. They use it to take up time in an episode. This was particularly egregious in the original Adventure and 02 when they weren't particularly creative with the editing of the sequences. I like having an evolution theme, but having it usually means you're gonna end up with a lot of bank sequences. So far, Agumon to Greymon in the new series was gorgeous, and Birdramon in the episode 4 preview looks like it's going to be just as gorgeous. So far, this new series has more impressive extended animation in its first three episodes than Adventure did in its first 30. I'm not going to judge the series for adding Omegamon early just yet. We have no idea where this is going at 3 episodes in. It feels like they're treating it very seriously so far by not falling back on the same tropes in every series up to this point.

Also the original theme for Omegamon is Requiem. Consider watching the movie as it was made instead of a heavily edited version for American children in 2000.
I like the music in the dub, but it shouldn't be considered a good thing that they did what they did.

They're theatrical movies that aired in March (Japanese spring break) and July (first week of summer break in Japan) at Toei's anime fairs in theaters. They usually air multiple movies for different series with short breaks in between. The third movie was an hour and was split into two halves so that kids could have a short break since it was longer than anything else (both halves are titled separately as well). The first Tamers movie was only around 40 minutes so I don't think there was a break.

Obviously they wanted to astonish their viewers with the exciting action, leading into the second half of the third episode where you realise this series is ACTUALLY about the characters, not the fights, and you'd get hooked. I'd say it worked.

But, back to the Omegamon/Algomon fight: The way they use Mikakunin Hikousen in the fight is an obvious and clear mirror to Let's Kick it Up (as evidenced by how well it works if you just replace), clearly the direction decided that at least for : this is the better way to portray the fight.