The Great Debate

Who is the best demon girl?

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The one who gets NTR.

Satania obviously I don't know who that dumb bitch to the right is

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Satania is a cultural icon.


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Over here you fucks

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Any other redhead demon I should know?

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Too old

Does she not have nipples?

not even a debate

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It should be no lower than 100% Yas Forums has failed me once again

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I have no idea why people liked this crap so much. Machikado is massively overrated around here.

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How is Satania not easily winning?
The other one is a knockoff.


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the best

pure autism >>>>> generic cuteness

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S-satania chads...

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This is unacceptable.

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Fuck off. What's Satanichia's appeal even?
Shamiko is smaller, cuter, with an amazing voice acting, has more Loli appeal yet also more oppai appeal, from a show with nice and creative visuals.
Satanichia is a boring ass average teen body bitch, with slightly raspy voice, boring jokes from a series that looks like it was made with shoestring budget by burnt out retards.
Really only ironic weeb meme kids like that shit, while Shamiko is high tier cutie.


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Nigger u dumb

Satania brings the smug and memes. Shamiko brings the moe and yuribait. They all have a following here.

For me, it's Shamiko.
I do like Satania but she's mostly for spamming on /g/ every time something bad about iCrap is mentioned.

Dropout started in 2013. Machikado 2014.


Satania because she likes men

>shamiko winning
pleasant surprise. I love shamiko!


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So does Shamiko, she even has a very handsome boyfriend.

Just go watch machikado, i thought it was a bootleg version of gabriel dropout aswell but thats not the case.
Shamiko > Satania

Name of track?

Yuukotoddlers getting btfo

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>celebration before victory
Sataniachads are unbeatable.

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They're absolutely nothing alike aside from being red haired demon girls from kirara.

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Sataniafags are absolutely the type to samefag rig a poll.

Gabriel Dropout is not Kirara though. You should know by its lack of yuri pandering/fanservice.



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they probably haven't even watched mazoku, or gabriel dropout for that matter

Just look how the sataniafag proudly uses Yas Forumsermin terminology, because he is either too stupid to understand that he's making an ass out of themselves, or because he's a shitposter that's proud of it.

There are plenty hetero kirara shows though

Don't besmirch Satania's good name scum

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Sorry, my bad.

>poll is almost completely even with satania a tiny bit ahead for quite some time
>shamiko pulls ahead
>minutes later satanias votes have suddenly doubled

Typical sataniafags. The only question is, are they too stupid to understand how to make it less obviously that they're resetting their IP to spam votes for Satania, or are they just so shameless that they don't care how obvious it is.

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If I enjoyed Shamiko's anime, will I enjoy Satania's anime?

shamiko chads are the real winners now that the poll has been spammed

They're both good shows I suggest you give it a try.