We find out what has become of Griffith while Guts was blasting thick ropes into Casca

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Based, literally just finished catching up on yesterday's thread. These are always a treat.

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I wonder how many Yas Forumsnons will be traumatized when we get to volume 12 and 13

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oh yeaaaah here we go

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Buckle up boys shits about to get real

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>Guts just got through confessing he was a big nig's twink back when he was a kid
>'That was your first time too right'???

Casca was always retarded bros

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He never actually confessed that
He confessed he killed his father and felt guilty about it ever since

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To the user that requested this image last thread. This will be the only image I post until the dump is done, sorry in advance.

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griffith micropenis

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>That looks good on you!
>it's heavy...

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Newbie from yesterday’s thread reporting in. Bring on the pain.


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Not quite

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Doing it with someone.

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Meh, didn't like that sword anyways.


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man what an annoying little girl

>Because I wanna improve my skills more and challenge myself by crossin swords with stronger and stronger enemies

he gets his wish

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based guts

Wholesome chad

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Smooth af

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Obviously there will be artstyle changes due to time and practice for artists, but I gotta admit in here it's quite nostalgic and bittersweet to see guts having so many emotions, I mean the guy was barely 18 here right? In the current timeline he's like 22-23 but he's stoic as a motherfucker after all he's been through, he's not even a mass of hate, anger and fear anymore, shit we didn't even get to see him smile seeing Casca back

I fucking love blacksmiths. They deserve both young wives that have to drag them away from their hammer just for some fun.

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Based. Who is the author anyway?

Be careful what you wish for, Guts.

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He's compensating.

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Guts should get a hidden blade. Does he ever upgrade his arm?

those swords clashing are guts' and caska's or griffith's?

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It's not the same thing, retard user.

I don't think so. Aside from some arsenal upgrades once he returns to Godo, his weaponry in Black Swordsman remains the same through the end of Conviction.


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