How hard did Shueisha sue them?

How hard did Shueisha sue them?

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Even the logo looks similar.

Gookshit BTFO.

They have no shame

oh, it's another one of these
remember when anons gloated about some korean director winning oscars
well, here's to another incredibly gay thread

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go back to kpoppy thread

I don't get the name. Why would you need to slay ears?

>gooks being shit as usual
imagine my surprise

>Ear Slaying sword
That sounds genuinely intriguing.

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>Ear slaying sword
Might be a more novel take than Demon Slayer desu

what was the gameplay

>Ear Slaying Sword
It's Tanjiro's sword, but Zenitsu provides the SFX for it.

So when will Kubo sue KnY?

>Ear-Slaying Sword
google translate never works

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Never because he didn't own those tropes

Bro nobody is talking about Parasolite here, not even Parasyte

What did the koreans think was gonna happen? Its not like china were patents arent even worth the paper they are printed on.

wait why would Kubo sue KnY?

likely not at all. they probably just shut it down.

He invented manga

After he pays Kurumada.

He doesnt need it, he is rich.

Like that they left a bleeding, massacred rectum after they were done.

By that logic the first mangaka would sue every other single mangaka that came after him. From the 2nd one to every single one in the present (Kubo included) because they all produced manga.

Seriously, what did they expect to happen?

>demons killed his family too
this is like super normal and comum no?

And swords, don’t forget that part.

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Holy shit. I too would've violated their assholes for such blatant plagiarism.

Gooks, not even once.