K-on thread

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how nice of you user to make a thread for me!

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I love Azunyan, why do Yas Forumsnons hate her again?

Azu-nyan is definitely the best keion


once per thread

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Ritsu is pregnant! Which one of you did it?

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Will I like this show if I'm not a moe/waifu fag?

Just finished the first season. It filled a hole somewhere. Looking forward to the second season and then the manga.

It must of had been a Mexibro.

Any other answer is newfags not knowing their history.

>t. will I not like this show as a child

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I always finish on her forehead. it can't be me

it will make you into one

manga isn't anything special. ova and movie are great

this show is more SoL than waifu-fagging

I don't say I hate her but Mio didn't need a semi-replacement

more like SOUL

Yes. Iyashikei is for everyone except those poor souls with a pathological aversion to positive things. And K-ON is one of the best shows ever made in that genre.
These people should just take the burden off the rest of us and kill themselves already. No offense.

I'm simply interested in seeing the ending of the journey, no matter how mediocre it may be. It's fine as long as it isn't terrible.

based and foreheadpilled


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all that effort and the best butt in k-on wasn't even included

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I did and I'm not, maybe you'll have a similar experience, maybe not only one way to find out user

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how can I get a gloomy mio gf anons?

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you can't user

I don't know user, but I hope you do one day, don't listen to he didn't mean that

pretty sure there is a version with jun but idk

for me it's ritsu's butt

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flat butt


K-ON is for everyone

Mughi would kick his ass.

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