Kimetsu no Yaiba has been confirmed to end in May
>According to a statement given by an official licensor of the series, Kimetsu no Yaiba will end. They were notified several weeks ago about it in order to adjust their schedule of simul-publishing in MANGA Plus.

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So? Are you grateful that you'll have a bit more breathing space?

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>Yas Forums posters are twitter normie crossboarders
lmao way to out yourself

I wonder which jump manga will pick up the most traction after kny ends.

I guess the clovercuck OP is happy because KnY ending is a big blow to Jump so that will save BC for now despite the decreasing sales.

>only way BLACKED Clover stays relevant is by more popular and better paced series ending before it does

Promised Neverland is ending soon as well

False flagging desu. I love both kny and bc

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MHA jews at it again

Damn, I can't believe MHAfucks will outlived us bcChads


chainsaw man

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All I know is that bc is trash

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Why is it a bad thing its ending? I'd rather a series end where the author wants it than having it going on and on and just pulling more bullshit out of its ass to satisfy a power creepy or some crap

No, you're the one outing yourself.

>failing for the falseflag/replying to himself
Check this dubs faggot.

Jujutsu Kaisen will take over.

I genuinely believe bc is trash

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>his shit manga got axed

Imagine getting axed before fucking cuck clover does.

>inconsistent arc quality
it's dead on arrival

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keep getting blacked user

Nice BBC fetish

This is a shit poster that has nothing to do with black clover please ignore him.

>Kimetsu no Yaiba
thank god that shit was gay

it means black clover chads live on

>Bejitacuck loves moeshit

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CloverCHADS, it's our time