Kimetsu no Yaiba ending in May

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We already know that though? Next chapter is the last.

Big news right there

Kimetsu no Kaiba

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Sayonara Kimetsubros

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Thank fucking god someone has the balls to wrap up their story rather than drag it out forever because they know they're a talentless hack who got lucky.

What? I thought that the next chapter is only the climax? What is the croc doing? Has she lost her mind?


I'm so glad. Finally we can be #1 again, OPbros

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Same goes for TPN right bros ? :)

"Climax" in manga terminology usually means the last chapter.

Thank you Wani! It's been fun! Thank GOD you're ending this now.

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kek sales is all what One Shitters have

>Axe Kimetsu no Yaiba, I'm coming back.

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So it really ends next chapter? Shit.

Kimetsu Shippuden incoming

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Can mangakas continue their shit after their jump gig ends or do they lose the rights?

No special announcement? No nothing? What? That's weird

And a Shinkai movie, Kimetsu no Na wa

Well no fucking shit it's ending. They just killed the final boss.

It means the climax, it can go on for more than one chapter.

They still have a cut.

Denialfags absolutely BTFO


Now I can laugh at all those user sperging about KnY not ending.

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no it isn't

so they can make sequels but jump gets a cut of the monies?

They can buy the rights back

Are you retarded?

Bleach's final chapter was also announced as climax just like the upcoming kimetsu one and people were still in denial lol.

Well, at least we know he’ll get picked up immediately for another manga after the wild success this One was.

I don't care about this shitty shonen series at all, but honestly this author deserves praise for ending it like this instead of milking it like other retarded shonen authors.

The sequel would need to go through Shueisha, but why would it? If it's ending it's because Gotouge decided to end it. It's getting the LCP on its final chapter, something only 5 series have had before it in the history of the magazine.

Jump probably begged Gotouge for another arc and gotouge said no.

I'm very surprised Jump let him end it.

That's something to respect but no company on his right mind would let this happen, expect sequel to milk the franchise to the ground.

It's been fun Kimetsubros. Hope you all enjoyed the journey

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oh so the author decided to en it, I'd say thats commendable considering how long some of these fucking series are


You're asking if the top series of the magazine got axed, user. Are you expecting a serious answer?

It's an "her" actually. She has more balls that many shitty male mangakas


Still upset the final fight was not Nezuko and Tanjirou vs Muzan