Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in God?

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Coincidentally, I know that he exists for a fact.

It depends what you mean by God

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I really want to kick Haruhi between the legs.

No but I believe in Haruhi, whether she's god or not

Yes. Not believing in God is major cringe.

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poor fucking fedora
perfectly good headwear
to be confused with such a cringe crowd

After having the honor of watching the masterpiece that is Vinland Saga, yes

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That's only possible if you were able to observe a bootstrap paradox.

Show me the devil's proof that I don't know god exists.

> look everyone, I'll now make programmer follow the rules he set up for the software
yea, no

Because you're a raging faggot and god hates gays.

God just told me that you're going to hell.
Have fun, sinner.

What do you mean I don't believe in God? I talk to him every day.

>I'd like to talk to you a lot more about this
>would you like to read some of my light novels?

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If god was someone like haruhi I would

What if they were an anonymous male in their 20s, just like you or me? What if they suffer in their own special way? What then?

I believe in Haruhi, the chief almighty
Creator of SOS Brigade

I believe in Watahashi, her only daughter, a freshman
She was conceived by the power of Haruhi's worry
and born in the alpha reality
While Yuki was suffering under interface Kuyou
was paralyzed, Haruhi cried, and was worried
She descended into bed
On the third day she rose again
She ascended onto buildings
with Kimidori on her right side and on the left
Asakura came again when everyone judged that she was dead

I doubt the esper Koizumi
his very shady Agency
Also Mikuru is a saint
She's sexy as sin
May her perfect body
last a life everlasting, Amen


Dunno. Since a Haruhi type God has no/very little control over their powers, and trying to deal with them aggressively usually doesn't work.

What's your point user

What would you do if one existed right now, and the moment they gain full control over their powers they collect anons worldwide for some Outer Heaven style ragtag army of sorts against the Jews trannies liberals etc.? Would you accept their offer if it means free food, clothing, shelter, and internet, plus a waifu of your choosing?

Not him, but I guess the point is that you can't apply regular logic to the almigthy creator of everything, logic included.

him here.user got it right
you won't be able to teach your dog mathematics, not because hes bad, but because hes a fucking dog
term "I'm only a human" comes to mind
> nooo, but if it don't work on dog's logic then..
that's just retarded at this point

good post

I believe in season 3

More than he himself does.

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Yes, pigs need to eat too.

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Clearly you guys didn't get what i meant by . I'm not saying a god can't exist, and i'm not saying it has to follow conventional causal mechanics. Predeterminism exists. Hell, look at the pic related to the thread you're posting on.

Believing that a world exists outside one's own personal senses is already a belief in a higher power.