Cuckoo's Fiance 14

The series about cuckoos that forgot it's about cuckoos

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>volume 1 cover
I thought first volume cover would have all the girls>

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garbage manga

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Hiro a best

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NTR plot incoming

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And so the "Erika tries to set up Nagi and Hiro together only to end up falling for Nagi herself" plot line continues

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New guy is Hiro's fiance so she was forced to group with him

New guy has the hota for MC.

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>only since I met you!
so are her parents informally using him as her security?

Boring chapter
where is Sachi?

They're trying to whore her out to him to entrap him into being their son-in-law because they want their biological son back.

But I don't blame you for forgetting about the whole cuckoo premise because sometimes it feels like the series has forgotten too.

And she doesn't stand a chance.

That smug Erika smile. I love it

This series would be better without the love triangle shit and making me care about Hiro

Is he going to be Hiro's fiance or will he end up as Nagi's new quirky friend?

Why not both?

I love how Nagi has balls

Boom just stop kid

Yet again I set sail on a ship that is destined to sink

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based wingwoman

Based Hiro already setting up the winner flag

What a cunt
Talk about stringing him on

in the trash where she belongs

>We thought the plot of this manga was destiny making Nagi and Erika to be together

What if the plot is to screw destiny and choose your own way to happiness so Hiro is the true endgame? I want to believe

This looks like a Miyamura. A Tamaki clone when.

You and me both brother

Miki breaking out of her shell and doing something different would be nice but I doubt it


I kind off remember that part, but she already told her parents that it's not happening and they put them together under one roof regardless
>because they want their biological son back.
I don't even know what to think about this one, we didn't get any real talk between him and the father, did his mom even spoke a line to him on panel?
Only Erika got on the cuckoo premise with her biological parents and Sachi.

>Nagi is the leader of a group of 2 with Hiro
>Suddenly this guy joins
>Somehow Erika knows

How? How?

We truly were cucks

I don't know if he is her fiance, but I do think he is the one she mentions here and not Nagi.