Bleach gets an anime continuation

>Bleach gets an anime continuation
>Haruhi doesn't

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Bleach:The shit
Haruhi: Shit

Come on user, haruhi is dope. Except for the endless 8 episodes . Whoever that though it was a good idea should never get a job in the industry ever again.

Kadokawa doesn't have any faith in Tanigawa to actually finish the series. Disappearance works perfectly as an ending.

Even if Haruhi came back, considering the great conflagration there's no way it'd be the same studio or staff, so who cares?

okay I will give it another try(re-watch )

I am pretty sure it will be done by Kyoani.

KyoAni seems more interested in milking their "original" IPs and Haruhi rip-offs. Disappearance was a good spot to leave it it's just too bad Koizumi came out underdeveloped. His arc is in the LNs though, which nobody's stopping you from reading.

Hiro should do a gore version of haruhi instead.

It was quite literally the single best decision made in the history of televised media.

Nice style.


Haruhi was animated. The continuation was burned in the Kyoto Fire.

So what's the deal with these episodes? - t.someone who's planning on watching the series in the near future.

Kyon(God) is unhappy with his summer vacation so he initiates a time loop until he is satisfied.

Kyoanus can't find a way


holy based

Because it's shonenshit that low IQ plebs like can enjoy

If you got filtered by endless eight you have no right to put yourself in the same bag as haruhichads, fuck off

Because the author himself doesn't give enough of a shit to finish Haruhi. At least Kubo finished his work.

Tanigawa hasn't written a word for years.

SOL Eva ripoff got cold and it was never good to begin with.

kyoani is a studio that is contracted by corporations like Kadokawa. Kyoani neither owns or has any decision making process in how Kadokawa handles it's properties. Haruhi is owned by Kadokawa who is know in the industry as a meat grinder for talent. They have historically only chased the fast buck and will drop a property then pay out royalties. In other words blame Japan for a system that does not reward talent.

Why do shitposters and falseflags have Eva rent free in their heads?

any day now
it's 2020 after all

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Haruhi is a straight up EVA fanfic, they even predicted Mari with that dumb fat tits girl whatever her name was.

And how do you even end a SOL seriees? Kyon goes to college, says bye and never sees them again? Or dies to conclude the "life" part of SOL?

Is there any other popular anime that was killed off by a single thot?

yeah i think this is based..

You're trying too hard user, you're embarrassing yourself. Reminder that ironic shitposting is just shitposting, and if you get your laughs by "pretending to be retarded" that means you actually are, and are convincing yourself that you're only pretending as a mechanism of self defense.

She will, and it will be AOTD again. Can't wait to see normalfags seethe at the obligatory pleb filters.

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