I just finished watching this

I just finished watching this
what did I think of it Yas Forums?

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It was watchable.
I liked it.

based but blue pilled

Watch the movie, it's great

Eyebrows girl cute

why was Rin always barefoot or wearing open toed shoes in the kyoto arc?

because he has cute feet

That you should post on an anonymous board to get told to kill your family, relatives then yourself and cleanse your pathetic genes from humanity. Do it, you'd obviously should.

>blue exorcist
>it's a white guy

Tried watching it. Was really bothered by ugly PGS subs. Does anyone know a good place to get it from?

ow the edge

I just watched the dub, the characters talk exactly the same in both versions anyway so it didn't make much of a difference

Still reading the manga, last chapter was great and the next one looks promising.

I want to kiss Rin!

it's one of those cases where the anime was made too soon into the story

Read the manga.

if they're supposed to be exorcists why do so many use demonic powers? Why not holy powers with angelic familiars?

Good for 2 episodes then it slowly turns into generic shounen

This, actually. The anime never reached the best parts.

In this world there's only two worlds the human world, and the demon world.
Plus the demons seem to be a fusion of both eastern and western ideas of the demonic

Best boy didn't even do anything yet.

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season 3 when?

For example. Fuck I wish they'd make more seasons.

>prequel to Black Clover
>nothing to do with BC's story

This was my first anime. I liked it a lot then and the opening is really good, so good in fact I have the full album it’s from on my phone. I still like it, but looking back it’s just average. Not bad, but not amazing either. The only real complaints I have with it was that it hasn’t been continued and that the subtitles were really fast so it was hard to keep up with dialogue which is something I haven’t had a problem with in other anime.

I thought of a possible Blue Exorcist video game staring Rin and Yukio
Rin Okumura Gameplay
Hack and slash Similar to Ninja gaiden or DMC
You get escorted with Kirigakur for most of your story and you fighting demons and the tone is more action focused wit bits of comedy here and there
Yukio Okumura Gameplay
Third person shooter more akin to Resident evil
His story would be more solo focused and there would be more strategy to killing demons like poison's and bullet types ex
His story Tone would be more Survival horror with bits of action here and there.

I know such a game would have a little Chance of coming out and if a Blue exorcist game did come out it would be a shitty arena fighter but i think this consept could be pretty sick if done well

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We know, Shiemi.

why is yuukio such a giant jackass to his brother, it's not exactly Rin's fault that he's the son of satan
that's like telling someone they should die because they were born short
it's fucked up

I remember being weirded out by the anime ending.
Like it was built up that Satan wasn't so bad and the Mother was able to work with him, only for the ending to say 'fuck it' and have Satan actually be a bad guy anyways.

I find it kind funny that in the dub Johnny Young Bosch voices Yukio also voices Nero another half demon who personality wise are polar opposites

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Satan has a different backstory in the manga anyway

anime original endings at their best, shitting on all prior character and plot progression to wrap it up in the shortest possible time.