Even two years later, it's still hard to believe how hard these two normies spilled their spaghetti all over the place.

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nagatoro is a ruthless bully. only senpai can stand against her, and only barely.

Wow, from "Hey baby, wanna see my mixtape?" to "Can I pwease touch your breasts?"

It's like late 90s high school all over again.

I like that chapter

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Was Naga depressed before meeting Senpai?

That is increasingly the implication, reinforced in the next to last chapter yet again.

You mean it's been 2 years and you're getting nowhere outside of the typical manga romcom pacing?

Meh check back after a couple chapters. We may be at a major point.

Also there's been plenty of progress.

Drawfag here, i'm done for now
Pretty satisfied, aside from a couple details
Here's Oneetoro in Naga's school uniform
I also want to do another couple versions with her wearing something else, but i've got no time now, i'll eventually do them, probably post them on Pixiv or whatever

Also i've already done the nude version, for all you coomers, if you want it

man it's been a while since DMCtoro huh

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No! Nagatoro has both changed too much and not changed at all!

Were you DMC-user? Regardless, good work

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I'm genuinely proud for Senpai seeing how much he's developed since the first couple chapters.

I'm torn on this idea. I like for the story it sets up but I'm kinda hoping it isn't like that because I want her have had a happy life, and it takes the mystery out of her character, if that makes sense.

I want to kiss nagatoro

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Yep, that's me
I also did the one NTRtoro pic with prez and Senpai
Looking back the DMC shit was really poorly made, but at the time it was the best thing i could do
Still it ended up being pretty fun
I'm still not really that good, but i'm trying to improve.
I figured, hey these threads are comfy (Comfier than 90% other threads on the board), so why not drop in?

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That chapter also made it canon that Naga doesn't like to talk about lewd things unless it's with Senpai.

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Where can I get an English translation of all the chapters? Most places only go until 58.

That is all but the most recent chapter that came out like two days ago. Check the archive for the tl thread on that one. Or look harder.

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Then reinforced again in 58.

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She can't keep getting away with it

I'd let Naga get away with anything short of cheating.

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The fact that Senpai didn't punch her for this shameful display disgusts me.

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This Is the epitome of His development so far imo.
Now i would like to see some More for Naga

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>I meant cheating at videogames, you degenerate.

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