Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Now that the storytime is over, what did you think of it?
For me it prooved that Miyazaki should have made manga instead of movies.

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10/10, best thing to come out of japan since that painting of the woman doing it with the squid.

If he didn't make those movies, then animation standards would have been a lot lower.

Pretty much, 70's anime was trash until Cagliostro.

i didnt participate in nausicaa storytime but ive read the manga before multiple times. Was glad to see Yas Forums reading it together.

It owns that moves away from passive environmentalism to militant revolution. Completely different from the movies and much better imo.


Does anyone have any info on that samurai manga miyazaki was making? Was it canned for good?


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This 100% unironically,i wished Miyazaki did more works like this.

I never heard about that. Care to post a source?


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He's theoretically still alive

Only saw the movie.

Dare I ask: Is the manga good?

Read the fucking manga now It's an absolute masterpiece and the movie didn't do it justice

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Nausica manga is massive crap, a 3/10 at best.the anime is also bad, but at least the visuals make everything more digestible.

Kek, okay

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apparently he said he might be too old to finish it, and he's making a movie now. I think it might be cancelled.

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Now that I think of it, Valley of the Wind is fucked. Even more than other countries. Chief's bloodline stopped, gunship totalled, their new dorok guests will fairly quickly outbreed them.

Well, I'm still behind starting part 6 so I can't really say much until I finish.

I do want to thank the user for storytiming it. I would have never read the story if it wasn't for it.

And while I haven't finishing it so far is great, I do see why people prefer it over the movie. One thing I love is the overall aesthetic I love that mix of futurism and old technology merging together.
Reminds me of classic Starwars in a way where you have future technology while also being a relatively primitive culture.

They're okay, war is over and they'll make another chief, also they might join Torumekia, they are bros now

>I love that mix of futurism and old technology
It's pretty much because of the Steam Punk style (futuristic universe without accessible electricity so they use mechanical energy like coal, wind and water for everything)

95% of the world is poisonous fungi forest. I think they have other things to worry about than races now.

They literally hate each other though, the poison didn't stop racism

I want Yas Forums to leave.

ah yes that one single painting depicting that...

I don't think there's anything else like it. There are other amazing manga but none are like Nausicaa.

I think he means the one by Hokusai

>For me it prooved that Miyazaki should have made manga instead of movies.
Didn't read the storytime, but I've always thought the opposite. He clearly knows how to direct much more than how to lay out a manga.

which one?

On the other hand, they lost no land, especially compared to their potential ennemies, gained manpower where everybody else lost a huge chunk of it, and now have a hulk full of engines to put in all their gunship carcasses. instead of a single working one.
I say they're pretty well set.

Nooo you can't say that! Miyazaki is a jaded old hack who never did anything!

Did Kurotowa ended up tapping that