Why did kishimito go through with this when everyone had predicted it ?

Why did kishimito go through with this when everyone had predicted it ?
He should've shocked the fans.

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he had no choice considered he set this up 700 chapters before hand right after the first big naruto vs sasuke fight
don't expect a shounen to have an impressively made story

It's just that from day one it was so obvious it was him that when you get to the reveal it feels like a joke

Kishimoto is a bad writer.
I thought S8 flopping into getting axed would have opened ya'll to the truth.

Was tobi really supposed to be Obito? I don't think it was the case early on.

There is no inherent value in shock. Better to have a predictable twist than asspull some nonsense for the sake of surprising the audience. As it is at least everything is set up and paid off

Obito is such a stupid character, holy fucking shit.

It couldn't have been more clear. The whole reason everyone was whipping up theories about other dudes in the first place is that it was too fucking obvious for him to be Obito.

>He should've shocked the fans
Sacrificing narrative sence and build up for a more "epic reveal" is trash. Kishi is shit but in this instance he did the right thing.

No, rather it was too fucking stupid to be him. All evidence that Obito was Tobi was really superficial: hair, name consisting of the same letters, sharningan in the same eye. Frankly I still don't see any reason for him to be anything more than a huge influence on Kakashi that was expanded on in the gaiden. He was a done deal.

If only western fags could understand this

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Because changing your story just because people can predict the plot is bad writing. narrative structure shouldn't be replace by cheap shock value.


Many stories are ruined by retarded twists or changing twists people expected.

He definitely was. Why even make a whole arc about kakashi's backstory that build up his character that much? As soon as tobi was revealed to be a sharingan user it was clear as day

Remember when during the war Tobi larped about being "no one" and that only his plan mattered to him?
It should've been true, he should've been some literally who who was fed up with the world and decided to follow Madara's plan.

Tobi was able to get Diedara's arm after kakashi sucked it up, implying they were connected powers.

Yeah it thought about this show too. Didn't the writers explicitly say that they changed the ending because someone on reddit predicted it?

Yes, let introduce a nobody into the story after already built up this character reveal to be someone important..

I haven't met one person that liked S8

Not this one, some other show

What build up? When it was clear he wasn't really Madara he could've been anyone
Of course as soon as the Kakashi gaiden was out the games were over anyway

From the character design and power perspective, Obito was clearly planned to be Tobi. The point of kakashi gaiden was to introduce this character. While Shounen jump manga don't really plan ahead much, author do have some ideas where the character will be.

I'm sure there's a quote somewhere from an author saying just because fans have guessed what you intend to do that you shouldn't change up just to shock them and that's the mark of a shit writer.

I believe it was LOST where they pulled plot twists out of their ass because leddit was predicting everything

Westworld, not GoT. Still GoT does guilty of that too. The whole who gonna kill the Night King was because they don't want to do what people expected, forgetting that the entire series have been building it up and that why people were expecting it.

keep in mind that the average internet user can look up stuff online and read quickly

but then take into account the average dumb kid who doesn't remember every plot point and buys the volumes: they're not gonna scroll around and look through it

point being is that normies are fucking dumb, and normie kids even dumber

Looks like he just found it laying around. But it would indeed be a good foreshadowing had he brought it to him out of nowhere.

Forgot the pic

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>It was entirely superficial, like having the same character design and having the same one eye sharingan (even tho we knew Sasuke and Itachi were the only Uchiha alive) it could’ve been someone else.

his name was hilarious though, spitting over Tobirama's name for what he did to the Uchiha

It was shocking actually all the narutoforumfags making up other theories were btfo... by some basic shit like Tobitobitobito

Even if the Tobi = Obito was shit, I agree with that.

How is it possible to like S8? Every single good thing that people loved was butchered for the sake of SUBVERSING EXPECTATIONS
Even the fucking actors were disgusted by the script when they read it for the first time.

He was, Obito was mentioned by name and shown in pictures of Kakashis team early in part 1.

If you make a mystery that people can solve base on the clue you gave them meaning it's working as intended.