Oshi no Ko

Weekly RAW dump.

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Thanks, OP

their relationship can be cute

>slut of an idol gets you murdered because she has crazy stalker fans
>reincarnate as her son
>your slut of an idol mom gets herself murdered by crazy stalker fan, leaving you an orphan who has to take care of your twin little sister
>your twin little sister grows up into another slut of an idol that you're going to have to devote your whole life to protecting from crazy stalker fans
MC's new life is going to be nothing but suffering

Thanks user.
I appreciate it when manga have actual raws dumped instead of going straight from gook scans to the english scans, gives me more oppurtunity to practice my moon.

>you can grab and suck tits of an underage idol without any consequences every single day
It's the best life imaginable.

she was raped, user

Waiting for best twincest ending.