Watch Outlaw Star

Watch Outlaw Star.

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but my good sir, i already have

I did. It was okay.

It's in my list of anime to watch.

This, it was ok, kinda forgetable.

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no, hiru no tsuki makes me cry too much

I will now watch your anime

I watched the zone porn vid like 9 years ago Im good mayne

It's in my top 3. I grew up with outlaw star. I bought a fan subtitled VHS box set when I was a child. Watched it on toonami, buy a dvd box set when they came out.

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It's good, she's the best the best girl btw.

>her nipples are the same color as the rest of her skin

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that shot happens so fast it's done in that fuzzy undetailed color that they do on backgrounds or during fight scenes.

Already have, it's one of my top 3 favorites of all time.

Melfina is best girl though.

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>everyone forgetting the real best girl

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PAWGuwa sanfah

I already have. It's just a poor mans Bebop.

But I already rewatched it some months ago.

I haven't watched Outlaw Star in years.
I'd always stay up late to watch it on TV.

I did recently. It was fun, but you guys sure made it look bigger than it is.


That OP is fucking radical

the ED was also comfy

The right way to watch outlaw star goes like this:
>be 2001
>be 9 years old
>sneak into the living room
>turn the tv on at like 2 volume
>sit right next to it and press your ear to the speaker
>watch the toonami midnight run with your favorite blanket pulled all the way up.

it's the most comfy experience dude and you fucking missed it.

I did just last year, absolutely loved it.

Fuck that "Alas, poor Harry MacDougal" shit, though. Fuckboy got everything that was coming for him, and the Internet is too good a place for that piece of shit.

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hot ice makes my pp hard

Watched like 8 episodes and dropped. Now I understabd why its so unpopular unlike superior cowboy bebop and trigun.

>poor man's bebop
>better than bebop in every way.

say what, nigga?

It's okay, I watched Slayers, Last Exile, Elfen Lied, Berserk and Hellsing on this beauty. WHILE skipping school.

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mine was a really small tv like this with the little dials to adjust the color on the front. I still have the VHS player i used with it.

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I did. I don't remember shit about it aside from the fact there was a wizard who made magic bullets

>he only remembers the hotsprings episode

absolutely based

I'll get to that, I'm working on my backlog since Corona killed anime. I'll get to it right after I finish rewatching every gundam series and ova.