Hiro is wife material

Hiro is wife material

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I love Yuno!

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> Not loving Miyako

Lucky Sae.



She's the cutest gundam pilot

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I heard that rubbing her belly brings good luck.

chi-chi...CHIGAU YO!!!

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If you could cook as good as her, you’d be fat too.

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Hiro is so fat, she lived on the first floor so the building wouldn't go barabara.

zenzen barabara

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It's canon.

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Yeah, Natsume's wife.

I always think of Kirby whenever I see her.

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Reminder than Hidamari Sketch is on hiatus again because MagiReco

kill gacha

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She has self-control issues. She wants to slim down but keeps finding excuses to eat shit food.

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Damn, she's not the only one, apparently...

This smile...

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Is lovely.

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I wasn't that big on Hiro until I watched her ep in honeycomb. Fucking love that episode made my cry

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That episode was so precious, for lacks of better words....
Love all the Hidamari cast, but I'm torn between Hiro and Miyako.

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My fav is Yuno with Miyako close but man I'm happy whenever Natsume is on screen, She might be top 3.

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Natsume is love. That restroom scene...

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Between her and Yoshinoya, who has the bigger chest?



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