Is Haku the only trap that was done right ?

Is Haku the only trap that was done right ?

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how is he different than other traps?

>done right
>had no logical plot reasons to be a trap
Pic related is a trap done right.

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The actual Hacku was the author of this shitty series

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he is not gay, he is a literally girl

Being a trap added to his character
Was gonna post Nagisa cool trap too, as for Haku he had thematic reasons to be a trap, he's just too beautiful/pure both on the inside and outside.

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The dude from Danganronpa is the only good trap

I'm not gay but I would date Crona.

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>Haku the only trap that was done right
Because he dies?

I'd a Haku.

Haku means "There's ass" in Portuguese.

He succeeded in trapping young narutards, which proves his trapping skills worked.
>Zabuza wouldn't keep a little boy around to fuck, that's obviously a girl

Yeah, as a character I like Haku too. Thanks for being so nice user.

And "spit up" in Japanese. I guess he does anal but doesn't swallow.

only if you pronounce it like a retard and horribly misspell it.

Reminder Zabuza friend zoned his ass just after death. Rude.

Real Portuguese, not the jungle version.

yeah, that's what I said.


>implying that a trap character can be done right without being a gimmick of the show or fanservice
Trap characters are shit and so are their real life counterparts

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Yes but in few cases it's allowed
These are good traps.

Cute bird.

Was Zabusa gay or just emotional?

no. traps are inherently wrong

It made no sense to make Haku into a trap. What were Kishimoto's intentions?

Kei is best trap

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Who the fucks that?

Golden Kamuy had the best trap character.

Astolfo is the only one done right, he is a straight man who likes cute things. Nothing wrong about that.

i wish every zoomer was dead

Is being railed by Zabuza not reason enough?

This is what civilization does to people