How do cope with the anime stop right now?

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Read manga

certainly not by opening threads about it.

Watch old anime. Literally the perfect time.

Make your own anime.

finish your backlog list

consume better media, like manga.

Stick a sharpie in ur pooper

already rewatched dbz and super


there are literally thousands of anime series to watch

seasonal shitter consumers are so annoying

try crying harder big baby

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if only there were thousands and I mean THOUSANDS (1000) shows to watch instead of only consuming seasonal shows just for the sake of some community discussion.
Watch earlier shows.

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They don't really like anime all that much, what they truly enjoy is feeling like they're part of a larger community. It's just a bunch of pathetic faggots and teenagers going through a phase clinging to an identity. They don't care about older shows because it's not that relevant for keeping up with the community discussion.

I never really understood why people do that. Why put yourself through dozens of subpar or average at best shows a season only to look hip to online strangers? There are countless of lists relating to various genres or niches in anime that you can be literally set for life.

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It gives their sad existence comfort and a sense of belonging.

I, for one, enjoy it greatly

Read SFW 2hu doujins.

Watch Urusei Yatsura you triple nigger

That's what backlogs are for

Seconding this

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It's okay if you enjoy it and also if you enjoy finding older series you might enjoy. The problem is a lot of people watch anime as something you HAVE TO DO in order to be a member of a kool kids klub.

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by permanently giving up anime for a diet of light novels and manga.

user your name....

>triple nigger

watch other anime, movies/shows. check out manga, play video games, and do lewd stuff if u want

why not just watch both new and old?
thats what im doing and im enjoying it so far

I wasn't going for the OLD GOOD NEW BAD angle.

Kill yourself you retarded shonenfag, or go back to the shithole you came from

Congratulations, you've watched 2 anime series ever