Is it right to hate a character for dumb plot decisions made by a writer/director?

Is it right to hate a character for dumb plot decisions made by a writer/director?

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I don't know


What did she do?

When even Yas Forumsnons can easily think of a better story development, you know you fucked up.

She got full of herself thinking she was immedietly going to be a big idol and the caused drama

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sperging because she's a self centered drama queen.

>caring about the plot of idol shit
You're doing it wrong kiddo.

>baaww why no one is watching my debut performance? i hate all of you oooh woe is me, i'm gonna leave the group if i can't be insta-famous
yeah fuck mio

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Reminder that Mio is the best Im@s girl according to /vg/

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If the dumb decision is so dumb that it breaks immersion and makes you remember that there are writers making things dumb, then it's right to hate the writers

Same energy

Nah. It's not her fault she was written that way. Whoever writs the iM@S anime is pretty bad, they always have these forced character issues.

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oh hey, it's the youtube girl that commits all kinds of atrocities

Are we just going to ignore the other half of her character development where she realized her reaction was fucking dumb and that she needed to get her shit together?

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Well the best idol for 2019-2020. Right now it's a contest between Karen and Riamu

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If Riamu wins, we riot.

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I dunno, Riamu is weird... like Japan weird. You know the Japanese like things like her.

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But Tomo is cute so it's OK

First debut as an idol, she was a backup dancer for a more popular idol at a packed stadium. Time comes for her first real debut, small crowd in a mall. She freaks out.

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>no one care about my performance, that's not what I expected, maybe I am not fit to be the leader
That's what happened. Also, fuck you!

Nana's arc was the best

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Why are they teasing us with unvoiced idols?

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>unironically divorcing the character from the writing
I knew idolshitters were autistic, but this is up there with the shounenshitters.

Because it's guaranteed they will be voiced soon.

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Sounds good

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