Boruto manga

I held off on reading the Boruto manga for years after learning it was just monthly releases of the Boruto movie

I just picked up again, though early stuff with Ao was meh at best, I found myself really enjoying the story upon Kara and Kawaki's introduction.

Am I the only one who found the manga as a whole to become better upon Kawaki's introduction?

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No, that's the general opinion.

Kawaki is a good boy so far, its interesting how he becomes evil. Hopefully not the lazy route that it's another Ootsutsuki inside him

All I wanna know is what's the Otsutsuki end game.

How come Kaguya achieved immortality but Ishikki didn't?

How much of the Manga has the anime adapted? Or are they not even going to bother?

No, you aren't. Most Borutards agree, but you are all wrong. The Ao arc, while very underwhelming, was the best arc overall. The Kawaki arc is garbage. Garbage character development, garbage fights, garbage plot developments.

I'm going to bet on it being a bait and switch: in the flash forward fight Naruto is the one being controlled.

I liked the stuff with Kawaki meeting Naruto. Everything else is just bad.

It recently finished the manga's first original arc and is getting to Kawaki's debut.

Where do these fucking trees come from?

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Why is everything about these aliens retarded? First, it's a retcon that the Juubi is the "seed" of the God Tree. Black Zetsu explicitly corrected Naruto and Sasuke and said that the Juubi came from Kaguya fusing with the God Tree. Second, how does it suck chakra from the inhabitants of the planet when they didn't have chakra before Hagoromo spread it with Ninshu? Chakra comes from the fruit, why would other planets' inhabitants have it anyway? Did they have their own Hagoromo or something?

How comes Kaguya is the only moon-girl so far? And how comes she is the only one who could create Zetsu? She always felt different to the other Otsutsukis

But frogs also have chakra and Kaguya never gave them anything.

Maybe they're all dead but these 4. Also they're not moon beings, their original planet is much more distant.

Frogs arent from that world aniway. They should be same world hoppers as ootsuki.

Will I like Boruto if I absolutely hated Naruto and Naruto Shipuudden?

Holy fuck this, it all started with ninjas doing menial tasks for people in exchange for money, ripped-off HxH for a minute and suddenly rushed into saving the world from ayy lmaos. What the fuck kishi? Why can't we get any chuunin-weak jounin tier ninjas trying to outwit one another fights?

Depends, did you finished Naruto? That would probably be enough for you to care to continue the series.

If not, then I guess, don't bother.

The only reason I'm so much into Naruto as I am is because of Ninja Storm 2.

I enjoy it atm, even if Boruto was a little turd at the start. I'd like it even better if they hadn't begun the first chapter with those flashforward edgelord pages. I dislike the whole "it all went to shit" foreshadowing, both as it was done so clumsily and made the characters look bad instead of cool and it limited the creative paths the story could take right from the get go. You're basically just waiting for whatever incident will start off the shitshow shown in the beginning.

>Why can't we get any chuunin-weak jounin tier ninjas trying to outwit one another fights?
Watch Boruto? Problem fixed.
>but what no that doesn't count

They could always try to spin it in some way but yeah, this kind of setup sucks.

We're hitting levels of secondary that shouldn't be possible.

I finished both Naruto and Naruto Shipuudden multiple times and loved it during my youth, but later realized thanks to Yas Forums that most fights, abilities and characters are shit.

Btw Ultimate Ninja 5 was my favorite, the 2D Naruto games era was just too good.

I watched it for the first 20 episodes and it definitely did not commit to any chuunin level fights. Most we got were flashes of Bort's classes if I recall correctly and the important fight was Sumire's weird interdimensional summon or whatever. And it's still centered on ayys

I was kinda hoping that Naruto getting sealed in the soup bowl would have been "the incident" and he had been sealed away ever since, but obviously that wasn't the case.

user, it was explained pretty early into the series that everyone has chakra and it’s just physical energy + spiritual energy. Hagoromo didn’t give everyone chakra, he just taught them how to mold it.

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I'm not a secondary, Naruto was the first manga I got really interested in, back in 2003. Still have my books here. But I never bothered with Shippuden because I was burned out of the series after finishing the first series.

I got Storm 2 in 2011 for the Xbox 360, I never even got to play the first game or Rise of a Ninja up to that point, for that matter, I simply wanted to check out Naruto to see what the fuss was about. That game blew my fucking mind

and yes after that I started reading the manga weekly and began posting on narutoforums and here.

My fan theory is that Kaguya was harvesting an endless chakra cycle to make people stronger so she could eat better fruits everytime she used the tree.

but that plan backfired because she got fucked in the pooch and her two sons turned against her. Dumb bitch

It was explained that the God Tree produces fruit every 1,000 years. When Kaguya came to Earth the fruit was already ready. That means the tree was prepared long before Kaguya's arrival.

That begs the question of who planted the tree before? Could it have been Isshiki?

They have to wait that long for the god tree to drain everything? Good thing they're psuedo immortals.