Why is the author trying so hard for us to like this slutty character? Why does the author want to push the awkward MC with her? He deserves someone better. Being promiscuous is bad and and LTR with these kinds of women never last. I hate how some mangaka peddle the idea that sexual past is irrelevant

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furries are subhuman

>the idea that sexual past is irrelevant
Trust me, we don't care that your daddy fucked you.

I don't get this meme - she's not really slutty at all. Having a previous boyfriend doesn't mean you're a slut. Being awkward and having a fantasy about a man doesn't mean you're a slut.

>"Having a previous boyfriend"
literally fucking any guy she meets

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She's her self-insert.
*500 previous boyfriends

Why is being promiscuous something bad?

>"she's not really slutty at all"
isn't it established that she's slept with like hundreds of guys?

Because the Author is a woman. Beastars might have a good premise and story. But, you can't deny the characters are self inserts. It's the opposite of male wishfulfillment. An awkward strong virgin guy somehow ends up with a slut who acts "mature".


Hundreds? no. After meeting Legoshi she stops too.

exactly. For a modern woman that's nothing.

cuz i like her

She was slutty, and did sleep with countless guys to validate her existence. After she found another thing to validate her (Legosi) she completely stopped and has so far been faithful, so it's valid to say she isn't a slut any more.

probably this. you'd be hard pressed to find anything by a male author where the female love interest has slept around yet, for example,in most josei manga (which tend to be written by women) it's very common for the female mc to have had several boyfriends in the past and be looking for "mr. right"

What's the other one. Work otaku or something?

How long does Beastars have left? It feels like we've really started to accelerate to the end now.

once a slut, always a slut

the other one?

>Man has sex with countless different women
>Completely fine.
>Woman has sex with countless different men.
>Is completely wrong.

I fucking hate you people.

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What day do raws come out

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I'm not okay with either.

Wotaku anime. Similar situation, they're even older, really odd.

Females are subhumans that can't reason or use proper logic, their sole purpose and value is reproduction. They are parasites of the worst kind, they make Jews look like saints. I am glad that we are heading towards the destruction of women. In the future we will have artificial wombs and full scale genetic engineering and modification, we will select male children with desired genetics to become citizens with rights and duties, only the male half of our spcies can be deemed human. We will keep women as sex toys, from the day they are born they will be trained and "educated" like dogs, they will exist to please men, they have no rights, they have no life, they will be happy as fuck toys and sexual slaves.

The future for women is beautiful and they are getting what they deserve.

based af!!! fuck them all

i know of it. but what do you mean "the other one"?

>i'm a dumbass who think men and women are the same, have the same general mentality, and should be treated exactly the same way

Shitty lock, master key, etc...

>i'm a 400 lbs incel

She's most likely a falseflagging femcel.

It's her self-insert.


It's not that fucking hard you idiots.