One Punch Man

Do you prefer psykos or tatsumaki?

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Tats no contest

Oh man, tough choice, Tatsu I guess. Subject to change depending on the outcome of the fight.

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Tats is tops.

Psykos. I am absolutely baffled by anyone's attraction to the midget.

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id let tats rim my asshole, but thats it


Any new hentai with Psykos?

Psykos really.

it shouldn't take long
her morph with orochi was too explicit


How does Psykos tits feel?


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I see you are a man of culture as well.

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Well, one is a brat with a giant ego and one is a psychotic schizo who wants to kill all humans

I'd much rather pick fubuki, but if those were the only options i'd rather pick the one who's less crazy and wouldn't immediately want to kill me

But fubuki will hurt you so bad you'd wish you were dead. Really all three are bad choices.

>Do you prefer psykos or tatsumaki?

Shadow Ring

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is there a new chapter?

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There's never even been do-s hentai


jesus christ

Fubuki's the least annoying of the three, however. She's one that wouldn't be too bad to spend some time with, especially because I'm not some hero she'd be trying to recruit.
As long as I'm not some low-ranked hero getting "recruited' into her hero group, then I most likely wouldnt be on her shit list.

A fusion of those two would be powerful.
I guess though her delusions and complex with tatsumaki can be a turn off.

Is this official art?

Mizuki and Lin Lin are the only women in the series who are both sexy and not off their rockers, choose one of them if that's what you want

She wants to measure up to her sister as a hero because she doesn't really just want to play second fiddle.
It's not as nearly as bad as tatsumaki's ego and bratt-itis or psyko's schizophrenia (bitch is crazy)

And once again, I'm not a hero, so if I was with her I wouldn't really have anything to do with the whole fubuki group shit

I want something with Saitama

Any female Murata draws immediately goes to the top of the waifu list, but Psykos is number one.

I don't know, this mostly sounded like an "Choose an esper waifu" question