Aipare, Prichan, Mewkledreamy etc

Imagine being Maika and being a good character that nobody likes because they stuck you with the actually shit character no-one likes but who the writers gave more focus than you in addition to almost all your episodes with her being shit?

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aipare sucks

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And they wouldn't even let you keep your panty shot, going so far as to remove it for the home release.

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It''s not good to start off the thread in such a negative way, ainon. Let's be positive!

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Her fault for not telling Ema to fuck off.

I'm coming off a negative episode and I've got to watch my wife suffer tomorrow against a girl who made me watch my other wife suffer today, I'm not exactly in the most positive of moods. At least I get Christmas after that, with the final het moment of the franchise until On Parade's Valentines episode which itself wasn't that het. I've actually enjoyed M4's screentime for the most part (at least until Asahi became a purely gag character, fuck whoever did that) so it will be nice to see Kanata and Ako develop from a new frame of mind and having seen them in season 1.

Ema is kawaii.
Maika is kawaii.
Ainon is はなまる kawaii~

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Rollin' rollin' rollin'
Keep losin' losin' losin'

ema looks fun.


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>we could have gotten the same amount of male mascots as female.ones
>instead all of the most relevant ones are girls
Fucking based. Precure or Mewkle could learn.


Imagine if aikatsu had oppai AND mascots. It would be unstoppable.

that's cringe

>aikatsu didn't have mascots

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Stars technically had mascots for the brands, Rainbow Berry Parfait had a korala, Spice Chord has a teddy bear, Romance Kiss had a weird looking dog, but they never did anything with that. Probably didn't even sell plushies of them.
Spice Chord's teddy bear was cute as shit.

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Imagine losing as much as rolls.

If you keep cringing I'm going to hug you.

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I always wish they did more with Yume and Koalas.

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They sold plushies for all their brand mascots. Romance Kiss' mascot was a squirrel.

What they should have done was introduce a yudetako mascot for Subaru to compare Yume to or something. All the memorable and more popular OGkatsu mascots were the less generically cute non-brand mascots, like Ebipon or Ozrotter, or even Penne for Friends.

I need to finally get myself an Ebipon. I should buy at least six because I know that there are some Ebipon thieves lurking in /ai/.

They should've sold plushes of the snow siblings.

I'm sure they all showed up at one point, but I don't remember seeing the My Little Heart or Shiny Smile mascots in-show at all.

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Otome-sama... I kneel.

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They should've sold dakis of the moon dorks.

They should have sold dakis of Yui and Laala.
Oh wait

Now that's a cute bunny that I'd FUCK.

Bunny looks like smol yums

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the lore...

OH my gooshh
What kind of creature is thiiss

Yumming around at the speed of sound.