Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar
Johnny Joestar
>got shot by a midget and lost the ability to stand
>later died by a fucking rock

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Why did you list character traits for Jonathan and things that happened in the story for Johnny

Jonathan Joestar
>couldn't even kill Dio

same to fucking Johnny

well he wasn't built like a brick house like Jonathan was

Johnny's traits are shit though

it's the visual from the early parts that makes Jonathan looked like a buffed fuckboy. take a look at this canon art of Jonathan drew by Araki in the modern days like who tf is that?

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This makes me realize how bland Jonathan's design is. If you remove his muscles you won't even be able to recognize him.

Zeppeli looks like a twink that drew a mustache on himself with a sharpie.

I like the boots, but I do think Araki could add more oomph to the design,
Like the sameface is fine, but why not make him taller, or at least more filled out? Its canon that hes considered something of a beefcake, embrace it!

Also Jojos usually incorporate their interests and outlooks into their clothes, why not add in Jonathans' love of archaeology, the english country and humankind?

Motifs like
>Fossils, spirals, stromatolites, joestar coat of arms, venus, plate armor pieces, the sun, theres so much that actually defines jonathan and so many shapes that overlap you could come up with something thats Araki-core but also really of his own and of his time.

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That shit artstyle ruined Jonathan and Joseph

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>wearing a headband
It's bad enough that Araki took this from Joseph and Caesar, but then
>a fucking collar around his neck
>belts around his stomach

The issue is that Araki also changed his outfit. Jonathan never sported that get up with a headband outside of some promo art.

At that point visually it's just a different character altogether.

Johnny doesn't have any traits

Can you try making your bait any more obvious?

>why not make him taller, or at least more filled out
Araki has been incapable of doing this since Part 4. The MCs went from being 6'5 and buff to skinny manlets

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whoa dude fuck spoilers bro

>cucked by Dio

Next time try putting some effort into the bait

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How did Araki's ability to draw deteriorate this much?
He can only draw one face and one bodytype now.

He's getting old, even Miura draws like shit now.

God, I hate Araki's new style

Araki just followed the weeb industry trend of hating traditional masculinity

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>when all your descendants are unruly, ungentlemanlike pricks
Jonathan truly deserved better.

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He actually looks better here. The only problem is he appears shorter.

The anime made him so ugly

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Araki has a thing for twinks?

>PB 2007 never ever

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Fujos have a thing for twinks. Jojo is a fujo franchise now because they bring in more money

The issue is that at the start of the manga he wasn't thinking in terms of a unified outfit design for each character, he was using the characters to show off a bunch of different outfits. Yeah there's the shounen-y shit he wore near the end when going to fight Dio, but you've also got this , the outfit he wore to Ogre Street, etc. Same shit for Dio with his feathery outfit when he was 'testing' the mask out, etc.,

He's since changed his design philosophy with the characters and started to keep them in more consistent designs and instead play with color moreso in his colored artwork. He still does tweak shit as it goes along, but now he's more apt to introduce a new character to explore a new design rather than put new clothes on an existing character.

Neither is inherently better or worse

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Johnathan looks like he's flossing