Which one Yas Forums?


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Yomi, hands down.


Chiyo chan.

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For me its Yukari

No question

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No osaka, no life. Yomi is fine too

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This thread is a trick, anyone that picks Tomo will get killed.

The answer is Sakaki, though.

So can we all agree Azumanga has the best cast of any anime?

Chiyo is 31 now


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Lies, she never even made it to 12

All Azumangas are special and lovable except that dyke Kaorin

It's a pretty damn good cast. I should watch the show again. It's been a long time.

From the picture, Ayumu.
From the show, Nyamo.
This is the only answer.

Tomoboy is cute! Cute!

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Quality posters with excellent taste.

Death to Tomotards.

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You have to be crazy not to pick Tomo.

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Just started this a few days ago. So for me, It'll be either Osaka or Tomo-chan. Both of them are fun to watch for very different reasons.

I like Osaka, my dick likes Kagura

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My mind says Osaka and my dick says Kagura, but my heart says Sakaki.

A part of me wants to think that Osaka has secret murder desires.
Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much SZS lately.


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She is a such a perfectly fun, energetic, dumb tomboy and I can't understand why people would dislike her.

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Oh sorry I didn’t realize I was already here


I honestly don't think this group of friends would form without Tomo. Osaka would be that weird girl none talks to or understands. Sasaki would be too shy and people would think she's too cool to approach. Kagura would have a one-sided rivalry with Sasaki that never really gets noticed. Maybe Chiyo and Yomi would be friends because they are some of the smartest in that class. Even the teachers would largely ignore them if it wasn't for Tomo's antics. Tomo is a foil for all those characters and holds that group together.

Also she a cute

Tomo a shit