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Will the 6th layer arc be a new season or another movie?

And will Tsukushi get off his pedo ass and finish the arc this year?

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I still can't beleive these threads died so hard. Did everyone kill themselves when the western movie dates all got canceled?

I mean, there's really nothing new to discuss. Either you watched the camrip long ago or you're holding out for the blu ray. The movie has already been throughly discussed and you can only circlejerk the god tier movie soundtrack for so long. No new chapter for a long time either for that matter. At least it isn't a fucking general.

The one guy who kept shitposting got a vacation

No, nanachi returned

Are you saying that the Nanachifags are all out wanking about that fact or that the return of Nanachi was so poorly executed that it killed the hype?

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Last chapter was pretty shit, especially since the chapter before that one was one of the best chapters in years.

Do you think Tsukushi made this whole mess regarding revenge on the innocent to parallel with Reg's pre-amnesia sins coming back to him?

I love my wife Nanachi!

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Chapter out today.

Don't count on it, Tsukushi streamed yesterday.


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Yes and no. Threads got slower after the coronavirus stopped the western release of the movie. Then the threads died because people found the newest chapter "boring". I thought it was just people here, but nope. Even people from outside this board found it boring. I liked the chapter, though.

Really hope Tsukushi stays healthy and doesn't get another heart attack/have another operation/have to visit the hospital for some other reason. Japanese hospitals are over capacity. But he should be fine if he just stay indoors (and work on the chapter) and have people deliver food to him.

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It was a fine chapter on its own but I expected a chapter of full genocide. Instead we just got yet another (and worse) farewell of Mitty with some set up for the next chapter.

He never had a heart attack.

Is MiA grimdark? Grimdork, perhaps?
You're about to be slightly disappointed

>user thinks it's a crop
>it's actually the full image
>which is a crop

The cocktease of an artist hasn't released it on her sketchlab yet.

My hair has reached my shoulders. I need a haircut. But everything's closed.

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wish jap artists would just post their shit on pixiv and not privateer or other random sites where you gotta pay 20+ bucks for the full image

Gotta make a living somehow. Not all of them are doing it as a hobby.

Her work is free though.

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Last chapter was shit. Could be months till the next one. Simple as

When did this meme start? Is there some discord server the threads were moved to?

Did you REALLY enjoy muh mitty for a second time right after that Faputa cliffhanger? And did discord assassins kill all the posters in these threads too?

No I don't particularly enjoyed it. But it wasn't shit, it was just not as good as the chapter before it.
It seems like it was setup. I don't really feel like knocking it until the next chapter is out.

If I wait months for a chapter and its 20 pages of literally nothing happening, it's shit. These hiatustard managaka need to stop writing like they have any leeway with pacing.

He's not on hiatus user. Are you new?

You stupid mutt.

This, but unironically.


Not worth responding to, to be honest with you lads.

>These hiatustard managaka
Think before you post retard.