Which was the best Evangelion filler?

Which was the best Evangelion filler?

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literally none of those were filler, even though jet alone was the closest thing eva had to it

Nothing would have changed on the story if they not happened. Jet Alone and Magmadiver are the most filler tier.

I actually liked the earlier MOTW episodes of Eva since that was basically the core concept of the show

Jet Alone and Magmadiver are lame.

Any episode that involves an angel fight is fundamentally pushing the plot forward.

I think these MOTW episodes were important for tricking viewers to think this eva was just an another tokusatsu-like mecha show.

I love Jet Alone

Same. It feels like another day in the world and helps to expand the current setting.

Oldfag here. The answer is Magma Diver.

jet alone is important is establishing that NERV plays dirty to make sure they're the only show in town when it comes to fighting the angels

Jet Alone firmly establishes that NERV aren't the good guys though, since at the end its revealed that NERV were the ones to sabotage the robot in the first place. They even planned for even further destruction, were it not for Misato's unexpected intervention to prevent a total meltdown.

Ritsuko's is relevant though, understanding how the magi function and her relationship with her mom is fundamental for her character arc.


Also fundamental to the End of Evangelion as well, as when she goes to blow up Nerv, the magi refuses because her mom still wants Gendo's dick.

It was cool to see Rei, Shinji and Asuka interacting and penetrating inside the facility. But for some reason this episode looks like a totally different Anime and literally nothing changed on the character relationships after.

That's the conclusion of her character arc, getting betrayed by her mom because Gendo>her as far as her as a woman is concerned.

I agree, also thought it was an exciting story on its own

Are any of these actually filler? They all develop the world and the characters.

Magma Diver is probably the worst episode in Eva, though.

Magma diver has the single instance of Shinji actually acting cool outside of leliel in the whole series.
He fucking stuck his whole hand in lava to save her.


None of those are really filler, the best episode out of those in my opinion would have to be episode thirteen, there's the mind inside the MAGI acting as foreshadowing for the souls inside EVA and we also get character development for Ritsuko,

The virus angel episode is fantastic. Putting the kids on the sidelines really elevates the show.

What I really liked about Rebuild 2.0 was that Shinji had formed such a strong bond with Rei that he willing got in an Eva to save her and demanded Zuruel give her back and fought willingly to do so. 2.0 did a lot for Shinji's character.


Jet Alone has the coolest design of anything in Eva and his episode is great.

Magmadiver is actual filler

here we go again, evafag deep diving into shallow puddles

All reversed in 3.0

misato's hair is purple as foreshadowing that shinji is going to choke asuka you fucking pleb

Yeah, 3.0 kinda destroyed everyone's character. Still though, I'm hoping for Shinji and Rei to pull through and at least find some happiness, whether it be with each other or from something else. Fuck Wille and fuck Misato. Fuck Neo-Nerv too for that matter. They can all burn.

Jet Alone was awesome.

>literally nothing changed on the character relationships after
Almost like the characters in this show has some really shit arcs. Rei is really the only character to have a full arc.