Heart Gear Ch27

I've seen there are a couple of user interested in this serie, so i've decided to start dumping last week chapter.
For the new readers: the first major arc is over and a new arc with new character, factions and worldbuilding is starting. If the art or the themes catch your interest, this is a good start.
I don't have a Viz account so i dont have access to this week chapter yet -28, out on Mangaplus right now; if someone has the scans you are welcome to dump them in the thread.
Also Hildr best girl, Roku best boi

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Nice, someeone other than me enjoys this manga about nice robutts?
>Hildr best girl, Roku best boi
You are quite right.

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There are at least 4 anons on the board reading it.
>about nice robutts?
Heh. I personally prefer the SoL chapters over the battle ones, i feel like they are more intimate and full of wonder and soul . Takaki's illustrations are great here, i love the contrast between the nature and the robot designs.

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I saw this manga recommended here by a couple of anons and started reading it. I like it quite a bit, Especially the messy, but intelligible art style

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That could have been me desu.
I'm glad someone else likes it, so far it's one of my favourite manga on MangaPlus.

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I was getting a feeling like it got the axe when I was reading that first major arc.

I don't know about the sales, but i hope this wont be the last arc. I just wish it was more popular

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I'll be honest, its the robot asses that drew me in, the story is quite nice aswell.

I feel like it's a reference to the Asimov's books, where robots names where preceded by a capital R. to show that they were robots. (like R. Daneel Olivaw etc).
Maybe D. stands for Droid as well?

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I mean, Hildr has a solid booty.
Ironically enough, i started reading it because the editor is Rin-san, but nobody talked about this in the other threads

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Thicc robot murder join the fight.

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Aand done.
I like the direction the story is going, i just hope we wont move into a full battle shonen territory. Both the rulers feel like they are gears as well, it would be interesting to know their story and generally the genesis of Valhalla itself.
If someone has access to ch28 scans you are welcomed to dump them.

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>4 IPs
Well, the number of the readers check out. Favorite design?
I personally loved pic related

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i really like the artstyle, but the story and the way they're presented is a bit too
shounen for me. still enjoy it though

The fights are definitely Shonen, but when it tries to go into the dynamics of gears losing their purpose it gets quite good.

great artstyle and composition skills, story feels a bit too slow. Maybe because of the few pages every chapter.

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Agree, I feel like the battles are an editorial choice to catch the attention of the readers, while the author wants to talk about something else.

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R&D sounds like Research and Development to me.
It's simple, but I like the whole black:white opposites thing they have going on