RIP Sendo

perfect mode hype

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actuall R.I.P to a real one

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He is now the dollar store version of the mexico meme man, his techniques are a bit worse, his brutality is a bit worse and the combination of those two is naturally a bit worse. At least he is stronger than date

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also, George better make good on that page.

where is the new chapter
not seeing it up on dynamite glove
this post is from 2008

Is that Kimura? no Ippo&chapter=Chapter 1298#

I love that they finaly acknowledged that they are speaking in different languages and may have no idea wtf are they saying to each other. Well not sure if Gonzales knows a bit of japanese but Sendo has no idea how to speak spanish at least.
Why RIP?


V.A for Kimura died.
might as well.

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at least now we know what happened in his fights with ricardo.

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>I beat that retard so badly, maybe I should calm down

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You gotta love how angry he gets when looking at retardation, the guy can't seem to handle brain damaged boxers

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and that's it for today.

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>his head is cool
yeah, right
also wasn't his metzl mode supposed to have gotten him furthest against martinez?

this chapter revealed metzli was used on the first fight and he got massacred (martinez could read his moves like a book). second fight had him sealing metzli and fought methodically but still lost.

He's doing better than Hippo if nothing else

Our boy Sendo has got this

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sure, I'm just pretty sure alf's coach said that he did better against martinez with the meltz mode during the ippo fight
not that it matters, morikawa has done small retcons like that before anyway

I mean he parries Sendo and counters even within the mode there