Monster musume

A new manga chapter is out, and while they still have to work there are spiders.

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How far this series has fallen...

Too far. There weren't enough pages focusing on important characters again. I think this might be the best page of the chapter.

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I stopped reading around the time that Kimihito (that was his name, right?) had to resist the urge to fuck a bunch of lamias in a room for a whole night.

Has anything meaningful happened since then?

Why doesn't he just make Miia his wife already?

He needs to make them all his wives. Maybe he's just afraid he won't live past that night.

Kinda related I guess, someone uploaded this on dex and immediately deleted it. Are there any scans uploaded?

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At this point, Kurusu and Co. are just an excuse to draw all the monster babes in Crab's head. I'm okay with that, myself.

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She still can't cook.

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I don't mind them being in the background occasionally, but when seeing such a large number of random girls like that yet another set of nipples doesn't have the same effect as ones from one of the main girls taking up more of the page. Theirs were covered in this chapter too in the few times where we could have been shown them.

We've seen nearly every inch of the main girls at this point, certainly every thing that Comic Ryu will print. I'd rather see a new girl or new species than more of any of Kurusu's collection.

>no monster girl gf
it hurts so much


In a chapter like this, all it would take to show a little more of them is just don't try to hide them when they do appear. It's also still good to see their bodies in different poses even if those parts were visible before. I still like more of them even dressed. Maybe have a few of them sitting somewhere talking and seeing another species walk by, and they can make comments about the traits of an unusual type.

Don't those three in the lower left look familiar?

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They're background charaters for this arc, Mark, that's the way it is.

Match-maker Rachnera is a cutie.

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That's one way to manga could continue if we ever would get weddings with the harem. Have them occasionally help other pairs for an arc.

I remember when I first stumbled upon this as a high school student. Now I have kids and it's still not fucking done.

Which girl has best ass?

Also Rachnee has sisters apparently.

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She's a spider. Probably has hundreds (thousands?) of siblings

Guy in the lower right has a small spooder; spooder in the upper left has a small guy. Looks like things are going well.

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You keep asking this question. The answer is still Cerea.

I'm still hoping we get to see Manako's again soon, but the chances of that happening only get lower.

Good day to be a leg-man.

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Can someone dump it?
Do the main girls appears in more than one page?

Doppel is the Superior Girl

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The problem i've always had with his spider design is that it just looks like a girl sitting ontop of it.
See for yourself.

He just can't stop himself from finding ways to draw asses on the lasses.

Falling off could be dangerous.

I can't tell if crab ran out of ideas, i feel like these new bath chapters are just filler.

I mean, it became about that a long time ago.


>Scientists still fucking around on some stupid bullshit rather than splicing monster girls into reality
Fuckin nerds
>Still have to work
Fuckin bullshit

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One or two like it might have been fine, but there are too many of them like this. More time spent in baths is fine, but they could also do some of that at home. I don't see how he could be running out of ideas, but maybe he just isn't interested in many of them.