Kill like 30 people out of jealousy

>kill like 30 people out of jealousy
>main character gives her a pass in the end "becuz I luv her

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wasn't it her split personality? in the manga she wasn't even aware she had powers.

le epic twist was that there was no split personality

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Not really. The "evil" personality was just the actual personality while the Shiro personality was fake.

But what about the meat machines?

Whatever, her design makes my dick diamonds so suck a dick OP.

Was this ever finished? I dropped it at random way back.

Yeah, mangaka took a pregnancy hiatus then shotgunned the rest of it. Finished some year(s) after the anime aired

her design is probably the best thing about deadman wonderland

haven't seen this show in so long, all i remember was it's shit so i can barely recall the plot

someone give me a qrd

There was at first but she integrated by the end

You're just not edgy enough op

>kid framed for mass murder
>sent to game show amusement park jail where you need special gross candy or your poison collar will kill you
>also there are blood powers
I don’t even remember if I finished the anime but that’s what I recall.

really sad this didn't last longer, or even have a better anime adaptation

>fags actually give a fuck about random people
Who cares? Those 30 had no value.

>30 future taxpayers killed by edgy two faced mitten-wearing retard

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Wasn't there some music always playing that was meant to keep her from going genocidal?

Mostly a red herring.

>30 future taxpayers killed

she has nice feet cut her some slack

Didn't he stick with her to stop her homicidal tendencies too considering his special blood or am I misremembering?

yeah, that was pretty much his only option that isn't just killing her

it's not retarded because she's hot

Even though the show doesn't have an ending, it's still a 7/10 for me. The op and ed are absolute masterpieces.

>kills 30 people

that's a favorable trait for a baby factory.

goreshit version of the ed is kino

>implying she isn't infertile

Too fucking fast. The original one is great.

Shiny Shiny~

I forgot this anime even existed

yeah, but her woodpecker song is cute

the target spots and she looks naked

Deadman Wonderland is a good brainlet measure. If you like it you have a sub 90 IQ

even better, can fuck raw all day long and no brats to worry about