Uesato Hinata wa Miko de Aru/YuYuYu

New chapter soon.

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Gun-chan is asleep.

Oh shit, is it time already? I haven't even read the last one yet.

You should, it was the best chapter so far.

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Wrong this Yuusha is deceased ;_;

>pics of Parunyasu and another seiyuu
Another stream soon?

TL here.
Just a warning, I caught a cold so the translation might be coming out a few (say, 10 or so hours) later than usual because staying up until deep in the night might not be the best idea in my current state.
Or maybe I'll ignore the tenets and do it anyway, can't say for certain.

take care user

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Is everything fire?

Not yet.

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Take care user.

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Don't die.

G's rips

Chikage's 'sleeping' face looks pretty.
I really feel sorry for Yoshika.

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This all looks very happy and fun.

UHiMi ch4

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She looks badass in here. Is she walking during a flood or something?


This looks like something from a sci-fi series, it doesn't really have the usual Shinto theme/aesthetics.

Any noteworthy news to look forward to?

NoWaYu anime never.

It's what I wanted to see for the Sentinels' URs personally, a different design aesthetic. Would've been kind of boring if it had the same visual style as the mankais. The Sentinels are heavier on the "humanity" side than the "divine" side in the first place.
Now if only Sumi got a cool bow-based mankai themed off her original outfit rather than the (sensible) pick of giving her her actual mankai.
It's just kind of lame that we're going to have Tougou/Sumi and Sonosmall/Sonobig with the exact same UR designs.

Since Sumi/Sonoko got their Mankai form at the end of WaSuYu, I can see why they stuck with that.

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Why is Yuuna-chan so cute?

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So was this just before Taisha decided to cancel the funeral or did Yoshika kidnap the body?

Yoshika decided to take matters into her own hands.

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>another seiyuu
Kiryuu Shizuka's

Why I missed the thread every time and only found it after making a redundant one

Gun-chan ;_; This is going to hurt.

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Use the search function.

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>Yuyuyui 3rd anniversary stream
>Cast and schedule could be changed due to the novel coronavirus
Somehow my Yas Forums browser's search functiom and the keywords I used just couldn't catch the thread

I can't believe we're actually making it to the third anniversary.

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so much for ded franchise