Tower of God anime

episode 5 in 30 minutes , get in guys!!!!
finally after 10 years(this time for real) the best girl ever Androssi is animated!!!

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read the manga here

first for Endorsi's public humiliation and total JOBBING

Tower of Gook, it's 100% trash.
Now God of High School, thats top quality

Endorsichads, assemble!

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AHEM...AndrossiChads....but i am ready finnally after 10 years of waiting

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Tell me why I should read God of Benis over Tower of Benis.

poor man's history's strongest disciple kenichi. avoid at all costs.

I LIKE the bong bong girl! She's totally awesome! She talks and stuff, but more importantly she uses Bong Bong and that's why she's good!

> Doesn't have all chapters

God of Highschool was kind of interesting for the first 50-100 chapters before it went full retard

official translation is shit
enjoy a good translation and become a true towerChad but if you dont want understand nothing then read on webtoon

nobody cares lol

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at the end of this anime Androssi will be elected best girl of the year

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the absolute state of these threads


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Androssi spammer kys.

What kinda autistic shit post is this that's constantly being repeated?

It's called Yas Forums. 4channel is an artificial construct that is 3 years old, following Moot being hired by Google. It's quite a complicated subject. Do you want to know more? Anyway, 4chanell is not Yas Forums, by any mean.

So is it confirmed that Androssi is Hendo Lok? She's gonna die from natural causes before they reach the top of the tower.

Daily remember that hendo lok is 14 meters tall so to have children he must compress himself in his shota form

Rachel and her behavior in only reason made me don't dropping this series

What was the deal rachel made with the rabbit?

It's an old meme.

The idea is that Androssi didn't nothing by herself in the second season, except being a vehicle for Bong Bong. Objectively, it's more or less true. For all her importance in the story and stuff, in combat, she's only using Bong Bong.

That's true in the Workshop Battle, that's true in the Hell Train, that's especially true in the No-Name floor, that's true in the Last Station, and that's true in the arc immediately following it.

Androssi is basically a teleport homer those days, and it's all thanks to Bong Bong. Expect people memeing it in the future.

he sent her into the tower to motivate bam

Fuck, now this make sense. She is adopted though, not real Hemdo so curse does not affect her probably.

It looks like a reddit meme.

no torrent
horrible sub subhumans

torrent out

Androssi is 300+
She can be one of the adopted ones that are trained for higher positions, her backstory allows that route.

Androssi = reddit

Androsshit is leddit

Rachel = reddit
>muh pls cuck me
meanwhile Androssi is the strong girl who reddit hate

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Lahel is leddit. It even sounds similar.

Oh god shit...

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we dont care about myanimeshit