Meanwhile, in little boy Yas Forums

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Which type are YOU?

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I am nothing drawn by a westtranny

I think little Goku was really cute in GT.


I agree!

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This must be what lolifags feel like when people post JC's and call them lolis

>is a shotafag
>but not a lolifag
You’re literally only in it for the penis
Nigga you gay

>sleeps a lot
>accident prone
>blind without glasses thanks astigmatism
>wears shorts
>owns a 3ds
>thick eyebrows

which one would that make me?

Theres no "failure" option, so I'll pass

Shota traps best shotas.

>has a deep dark secret
What's his secret? I need to know

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He wants to lewd yotsuba

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Why do they all look like grown men?

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Pan is lucky. Her grandpa is a boy who gets naked around her every day. And when she wants hin to get dressed, he puts the clothes on his head insteas!

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>hundreds of shot/a/nons in one giant sex pile
Everything went better than expected

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Made for each other!

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Used to be a mix of shy and smart, but nowadays I'm the fat bastard that rapes them all.


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I wonder if Pan ever got to bathe him herself like Bulma did. It would be cute!

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how is he so cute?

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He just is.

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