Nozoki Ana

Just finished this, and I have to say
Holy shit, my heart.

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doesn't nozoki ana mean peep hole?

Indeed it does.

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hated the guy, that type of character is infuriating
I wish wakou would write with chads instead of fags

But being that way really ends up biting him in the ass. Gotta give him that he really mans up towards the end.

Tfw you thought youre in for a hentai fest but intead stayed for the plot.

Coming for the porn, staying for the feels.

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I don't care that pathetic man fucks up
I don't want any pathetic man in my manga, he's very annoying

I prefer stronger main characters myself, but it wouldn't really work if he wasn't like that, I think.

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Im pretty sure everyone walked into it for the porn and stayed for the plot

I actually heard about the story being good. That said, in the end I was just looking for some smutty manga and remembered it. So I guess I did come for the porn, at least partially.

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Lost a night of sleep re-reading this last month. It was worth it

I remember reading this on my DSi for the porn. I don't get why it was sad or emotional but again I was 13. Was there actual plot in this shit? I remember MC being a manslut and Emiru only takes things halfway only for MC deflowering her at the end.

Yeah, it really hooked me, too. Read it over two days.
I'd say a big part of it is all the twists along the way, slowly finding out more about Emiru and her and Kido slowly changing for the better. Honestly quite liked Kido's development, especially towards the end. It's kinda like putting a harem protag in a more "realistic" (which I use loosely) world and seeing what happens.

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congrats I guess

Thank you for bumping my thread.

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>make it obvious the characters are perfect for each other, at least according to in story logic
>add 100 chapters of retarded for bullshit blue balling with a dash of forced drama
>get all shiteating mangafags creaming their pants with MUH FEELZ
Shiteating was redundant but oh well it's already written.

Why was Emiru such an exhibitionist again? There was this friend I remember who told Kido about the details.

The whole point is exploring the main characters' psychologies and how their relationships change them. Sure there's a relatively obvious end to it (and even then, with how many twists there are, I wasn't sure if it was gonna be a happy ending until the last few pages), but it sure isn't meaningless. Fuck, a big part of the draw is the exaggerated (but also not entirely unrealistic) drama along the way.
She was already a pretty horny girl, but it kind of combined with some trauma relating to her half-brother. Essentially due to their family circumstances, they never really opened up to each other, while the brother got so obsessive about his pure sister that he made a peep hole between their rooms. When she confronted him she ended up running away and he got isekai'd while chasing after her. Then, after a lot of depression she became in her nice and happy-go-lucky seeming neighbor, found the hole and ended up seeing him masturbate, which got her horny. So I guess all that just combined into some fucked up obsession.

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>exploring the main characters' psychologies
Yup all every girl need is passive NICE GUY nip beta self-insert.

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Most of the bad shit that happened was because he was just that classic harem protag, so if that's what you got from it, then you might be a bit lacking in brain cells.

he isn't though? if anything he's too expressive that he gets fucked over way too much

yeah, read this long time ago, my dick went wild to the netorare scene.

Yeah, i felt that too when i finished that. What a ride that was. Now read Bastard or watch Kimi no Nawa a week later after you calmed yourself.

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Not a fan of NTR. Honestly, my dick barely got hard to anything. Most of the scenes were just kind of uncomfortable (in kind of a good way). Then there were some of the scenes with Emiru that were either melancholic or, towards the end, just heart-warming.
Don't know about Bastard, but I've watched Kimi No Na Wa plenty of times. For now I think I'll just get back to watching Ikebukuro West Gate Park (not anime or manga, sorry).

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Emiru is so hot I still fap to her to this day but the manga had so much ntr it was impossible to read.

If anything overthinking this garbage and calling psychological exploration it is a sign of lacking brain cells.

Right, because super hot virgin chick didn't literally have to craw in his arms and beg him to fuck her. The romcom shitter has been conditioned to the point he considers the beta in this shit proactive. Pathetic.

I'd probably only jack it to the chapter cover illustrations and that last sex scene.

I mean, it literally does explore the characters' psychologies. I'm not saying it's extremely deep, but it has enough depth to be interesting.

I still don't understand why I still couldn't fap into this
>nozoki ana is too heartwarming

I think it's essentially what I wrote here The scenes were either kind of uncomfortable, straight up fucked up or heartwarming.

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