What’s the best body part of an anime girl and why is it her butt?

What’s the best body part of an anime girl and why is it her butt?

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Why won't it be?

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Legs=ass > fat bags (tits).

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Thighs > Anything Else.

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Because it's common sense.

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Very much a fan of belly

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There's no other answer, of course

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It is the midriff

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because that's where poo comes from.

That's hot.

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Is there enough nutritional value in ass for me to live only on eating ass?

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Monster butt is the best butt

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Yes. Easily.

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>What’s the best body part of an anime girl and why is it her butt?
It actually isn't. The only thing that makes looks great is the thick thighs. THICK THIGHS is where is at. For reference pic related.

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As far as the state of Yas Forums is concerned, you are the assmann.

Belly > Butt > Thighs > Pits > Tits >>>>>>>> Feet
that's the truth

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Both ass and thighs are nice. But both get at least 50% better if sweat is involved. Look at the drops of sweat on that butt and tell me it doesn't make you want to tongue bath her.

Well, I mean, yes.

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>grab tail

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But they poop from there?

We talking about ass and thighs, not asshole, that's dirty.

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Speak for yourself. A female's sweaty asshole is delicious.

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I bring gifts.

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This is peak performance: small tits, fat ass, and thick thighs

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