Very based, that's my girl Violet

Very based, that's my girl Violet.

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Will there ever be porn that looks this shiny and pretty?

I wish

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Here are the llamas you ordered.

Hello friends. What is the extended/extra scene in some versions of VE episode 13?

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Just Roland with his wife in the BDs.

Extremely based and redpilled.

Have a nice day.

Here's the car chase you ordered.

Actually, this is the car chase I ordered.

>One scene is all it takes for user to completely give up on a work
Since when Yas Forums became so weak?

I ordered KFC.

Holy shit, is that from Marchen Madchen or some no-name '80s production?

Go big or go home.

>11 cuts in 11 seconds
We want the avengers audience

Thread theme.

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I love my fast autistic wife!

>fight capable cuties have existed since the dawn of anime
>it's suddenly a bad thing now
Fuck you. I love Violet being a deadly supersoldier pacifist.

The only decent episode of VEG

Violet Everviolet

Can we stop at McDonalds?

This episode has amazing visual storytelling.

How insane are you? Why the fuck do you keep spamming?

I fucking wish.

Wow she just can't be interesting in any situation huh?

It's because she runs weirdly.

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Commission it from KyoAni. Get rich off Yas Forums scams and use the money for KyoAni hentai. For great justice.

>go through all that effort all to spell relevant wrong



this is one way to sell herself
and the show