Does Yas Forums like tsundere?

Do Yas Forumsnons like tsundere?
Or does Yas Forumsnon prefer a different type of dere?

imo tsundere has become BnB of Yas Forums. It's popular in Japan so writers/execs/creators always put tsunderes in every work of every medium to maximize profits. Due to wide exposure and saturation, it's important to differentiate good tsunderes from the shitty ones.

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Kurisu belongs on the left side.

Why are you tsun for Kurisu?

She's best girl in steins;gate. Only girl that comes close is Suzuha.

i like tsundere user
heres my tsundere chara

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>shaoran is tsundere
i never really thought about it like thatbut i guess that's technically true
it was really cute to see him warm up to sakura

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Get fucked Kurisu a best.

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Only new posters who don't actually like anime like tsundere.

Wasn't he just gay until he realized he wasn't and then gave into everyone and their mother including his homo crush telling him he should get with Sakura instead?

She's obnoxious, though not nearly as much as her fans are.

see heres the best girl,
second best is ruka
cause (s)he become batman is s;g0

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>i never really thought about it like thatbut i guess that's technically true
You don't think about it because you're a guy?
Girls like tsunderes. I don't watch shoujo stuff but there's always tsundere guys in those too.

p.s. Vegeta tsundere af

>First , Shiki is not Tsundere character
Explains why you're stupid enough to post your 2nd thing. You don't even know what tsundere means. Pleb tier.

>heres the worst girl

he liked yukito because of yue's moon influence stuff. sakura wasn't lesbian but she liked kaho for similar reasons.
i don't think people pressured him to like sakura, though. after the clow arc ended he just slowly started developing a crush on her and getting jealous over her talking to eriol. i thought it progressed pretty naturally

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>posting worst girl

bad THK bait

Read the LNs casuals.

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Only new posters who don't actually like anime scream how they dislike every tsundere.

>You don't think about it because you're a guy?
probably. i usually just saw it as an "asshole is pretty cool when you get to know him" kind of thing instead of tsundere. it makes sense that those are related.

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I only scream about bad tsunderes.
Problem is after Love Hina that's 99/100 of all Tsunderes

Mine and Rin are pretty cool. Mine especially because she fucks a real flesh and blood dragon and not a watered down version of one.

Your taste is too based.

Who even considers Pikachu a tsundere?If anything both he and Ash are immature shits that needed to work out their problems.

It's the best archetype. It also makes retards go crazy with hate.

My harddrive got wiped and I lost that image of all the similar character tropes across a bunch of anime. Like it would show a main girl and then everyone with similar designs would be "adjective + the main girl."

Could someone please share this image?

>Bad tsundere are for tomboys

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That cunt can get fucked the cunt mercilessly killed an innocent girl several times because "muh social anxiety" I fucking cheered when Okabe hit her and I was so excited when she got shot in the head

Nah Faris is worse girl shes beyond fucking annoying with that fake owo kawaii neko shit

Good or Bad?

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h-how come all the girls in my class are t-tsundere haha

*gets hit by a cola can*


Faris is very annoying, but she didn't shoot Mayuri right in the face.

Just kickin' it

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