HQ Makima thread, Yas Forumsros

HQ Makima thread, Yas Forumsros

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What's her end game

To save billions.

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>this is makima actually making a contract
>turns out makima was a devil all along.

Why does her tie curve like that instead of following gravity?

that would be crazy brilliant foreshadowing

Ever heard of a tie pin? Cool piece of technology.

Yeah /s sure knows about formal clothing lol

because its a cool tie that does what it wants not some faggot tie that follows the "laws" of nature

the only thing I wear are anime shirts

whats a tie?

by killing trillions

Its okay, they will just be reborn.

I think it's starting to look like something

Looking good


Best thread on Yas Forums.
It's a sacrifice she's willing to make.

makima's hair color is reddish-brown or just light brown?

Makima is the devil of expectations u can screencap

Makima a shit

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if only we had more chapters with dead characters, dead characters appearing sitting between Denji and Power, semi-transparent while light from doors shine through them. But there's almost no chapters where dead characters sit for fucks sake, there's almost no chapters with dead characters at all, curse you Fujimoto

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let's make a full album now

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What genre would it even be?

Anisong of course.


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I want a future rap.

the same one as this.

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I'm almost 100% convinced that the Gun Devil is a hybrid after the Quanxi reveal. All the hybrids are weapons.
As for Makima's endgame? To reunite with her Gun Devil lover of course.

this is really nice, maybe you could make a slideshow with panels from the manga in the background

>Obviously plotting something nefarious.
>No deep emotional connections with anyone.
>Emotionally manipulative with the MC.
She's obviously so evil/lacking in common morals that it hurts.