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What's the point of Nami's map being "finished" at the end of their adventure when no one will need to use it by then? They'll crush the Red Line or some shit and everything will be easier interconnected or whatever. Seems like a moot thing to do.

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Don't confuse theories and headcanon with confirmed manga material.


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what's the point of doing anything when you're going to die anyway

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Becausw she will make a last trip will luffy in order to meet again all their fellas.During that trip she will gave birth tu luffy's babies

>What's the point of Nami's map being "finished" at the end of their adventure when no one will need to use it by then?
Nami's maps are for herself, to prove his later mother that her wish came true. She's not doing it to prove anything to the world but for herself

Who will save Hiyori this time?
Will Zoro get lost and wind up back there somehow?

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Zoroshits and Sanjicucks please make your own shitpost containment thread.

>not dutch

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>They'll crush the Red Line
well the map won't be finished then will it?

Now that I think about it all the allies are at Onigashima, Hiyori is by herself now. Who is gonna protect her from Kanjuro?

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How the fuck is Zoro dutch? Based on Oda's SBS shit its much more likely that he's japanese. The samurai shtick and japanese food name moves back me up as well.

>How the fuck is Zoro dutch?
He's not, this is just Oda having fun with the characters you autist

momo with his fathers sword

Onimaru and Hitetsu?

Nekomamushi and the magical fox

>beats zolo
>beats brogy
>saves ace
>saves marco
>saves luffy from magellan
>magellan has to go all out to even touch him

Why isn't he more popular?

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Speed, Tama, that Tengu guy, the baboon the dog lion and maybe babanuki are all there

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I thought you were one of the autists insisting this colorspread was more accurate than what we got in the sbs.

Maybe Kanjuro will find out that she's Komurasaki and decide to bring her to Orochi as well.

Because he lacks ambition and plays second fiddle to Buggy
Then again I'd be Buggy's subordinate too

I like Kiku.

Zoro is literally the most likable character in manga history and the best written one. His smile is medicinal like Hiruluk's cherry blossoms. You may cope but this is what peak performance looks like.

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>Maybe Kanjuro will find out that she's Komurasaki
but he know that....

user, the Netherlands and Japan don't fucking exist in One Piece. Who gives a fuck?

Ulti actually has boring design, suck my cock.

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It's literally confirmed that Fishman Island will be destroyed by Luffy. Why do you think that is? Because he talks to Shanks and suddenly becomes a racist? You think he's gonna behead Jinbe?

Proof ?

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We don't even know if its Luffy or someone looking like him.

It´s hilarious that she wont be in on the raid
cause she wont go throgh the bridge
and just sulks on the other side.

Venice exists and Franky is Italian, you can't convince me otherwise.

That would based

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>Franky is Italian

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Ulti design is not what made her popular user, it's her bitchy overprotective onee-san attitude

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It's clearly him which is why Arlong's sister is so shocked about it. Hack in the anime they even literally showed him to make it clear to the children.

Just curious, what portion of english fanbase do you guys think worstgen/orojacksoncucks comprise of?

>Luffy returns the hat to Shanks
>Shanks destroys Fishman Island
Imagine the threads

>you don't need maps in the real world because all the oceans are connected
Are you retarded?

And devil fruits users like Devon or Bon Clay can't turn into fucking Luffy to falseflag that Luffy destroyed it for some reason unknown to us?

Yes Carrot is the best, fuck Ulti.

Arrivederci... Señor Pinku

>Hahahaha, all those people starving to death don't matter because I HAVE BOOZE!

Thread reminder that Vivi will rejoin the crew and get the Nikyu fruit

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Rabid powerlevelfags no doubt about it

Most relatable sentiment ever