Vampires used to be scary, threatening and menacing. Now they all look like this. What happened?

Vampires used to be scary, threatening and menacing. Now they all look like this. What happened?

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Good things happened.

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It's better to lure young girls.

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What happened to Sophie?

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Pedophiles happened

Where the hell did Sophie get those milkers from?

Vampires were always invested in the blood of virgin girls.

how rare are big tiddy vampires? I only know Seras and Inner Moka.

Vampires always looked like that...

They're putting chemicals in our blood that turn the friggin' vampires into lolis.

Don Dracula already had a vampire loli back in the 70s.
This is nothing new, user.

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Mini Akari a cute

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A shame the anime censored the loli nipples.

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Taming and domestication

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Vampires realized that they could also shapeshift into other things except bats.

The only logical conclusion is they all shapeshift into the cutest loli possible.


Wait what? She has little sister now?

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Rare enough.

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It censored way more than just nipples.

This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!

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She can't be as creepy as Akari.

Censored nipples is what hurt the most, user.

HOT DAMN!!!!!!!

You mean Japan happened.

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They're not milkers
They're spores

Meanwhile in France.

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Off-model attacks again.

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Torquemada is kinda hot.

Japanizing beam happened

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it's still very threatening for my dick. I mean, looks like prison & shit niggah.

This is your average devil in 2020. When will Japan’s insatiable urge to dismantle western lore finally be stopped?

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Why are repeating that post?


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Shinobu and monogatari selling a gorillon BD copies happened

You do not have your way with Flandre. SHE turns YOU into her personal sex toy. No questions.

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Once Akari got thrall'd, her parents had no choice but to restart the bloodline