Best girl

Best girl

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this will last for centuries


Impressive. Very nice.

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posting in bread

damn nigga

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So S3 in three years?

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good thread

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It's good to be Haruhi.


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What was the name I forgot

Very nice


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Best girls don’t use scripts you nigger

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The digits don't lie

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Still waiting for college haruhi

>hot as fuck
>sings well
>wants the D
>is literally the omnipotent creator of the universe

>can hack your middle school bully's Facebook
>will carry you in online games
>sick guitarist
>will fuck but would just lie there and take it

Help me choose, they're both amazing

Not bad.

If dubs we are all trapped in the endless eight.

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Is it gay to fuck a tomboy?

hello, based department?

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God (Haruhi) has truly blessed this thread

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She always looks bored

That's something you'll have to figure out yourself, though it's good that you can see that it's a difficult choice. I've gotten pretty sick over the years of people putting down either one of them (bitch, reiclone etc).

Do you ever wonder if there are others of Haruhi’s kind? Other omnipotent beings that subconsciously rule over their own universes