How the hell she doesn’t have a boyfriend?

How the hell she doesn’t have a boyfriend?

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It is a mystery

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School is full of lesbians, not sure if there was a single boy of her age in the ship.

her only passion is being cute, and a good friend.

not bad things but most want a gf that has an internist.

she is a good girl but. KInd of personality wise

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Saori is a migratory seal. A boyfriend would just tie her down when she needs to be free.

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Well its a girls high school ship. So there go her chances

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Kind of bland personality wise*

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in the right places

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Stop posting Saori, we know it's you

She need to join the volleyball club. Hell, all fat guppies must join the volleyball club.

Because all of the Volleyball club is straight and other than them no one has enough GUTS to ask her out

Boys can sense her desperation and are turned off by that.

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No, I mean she would have a better chance of getting a boyfriend if she’s not fat. Joining the volleyball club can help her with that.

Boys don't actually like senshado girls. It's all a giant lie by the senshado federation to bait girls into joining up with their dying sport.

And what I mean is that boys are simply to afraid of asking such a stunner out

Compare to Nonna and Mika, Takebe is not that good-looking.

Absolutely true, but she still gives of that aura of motherly warmth and love when she puts on her glasses

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>Saori being smug about giving me a raging erection with her big fat ass
Please tell me there is a doujin like this

Better question, how doesn't Alisa have a boyfriend yet?

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The fuck

Commission it

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Because all guppies have autism or other mental problems

The frogs are alright.

Azusa is perfectly normal

Nobody likes an incel

People must hate you.

They do, but it's fine since I also hate myself


Who's the best Saori artist and why is it Hijiri Tsukasa?

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Time to do like a Getter and change.