#StayHome and accept the pampering.

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I want more pampering in a S2 form.

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the fox is not for lewding

Tell that to the manga.

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Would you want to live like Senko, pampering someone?

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>Censored clothes.
Doga Kobo ruins everything loli related they touch, that's why we didn't got nudity in Yuru Yuri until they changed the animation studio.

I wish the fujoshi bitch didn't exist. She doesn't ruin the manga but she definitely makes it worse.

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Fuck off back to Twitter, normalfag

>the fox is not for lewding

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The cuter something is the more I want to lewd it.

Says who?

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Pick a god and pray

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if I achieved my dream of being a house husband, then yes, totally.

She says otherwise

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Imagine indeed. Hot damn I hope she makes another appearance in the next season.

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I want to pick at her womb and spray

> Only one tail

Don't be greedy.

What if he gets lucky and gets Sora?

The manga should have shown her nipples too.

It did but not as much as it should've.
Might've been to keep the low rating but I'm sute Koume would've loved adding nipples everytime he could.

He could at least make some of hers out of the manga.