Why didn't Shanks use haki to save his arm?

Why didn't Shanks use haki to save his arm?

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Because Oda is just making shit up week by week.

Haki hasn't been invented back then, Oda thought he's gonna get axed in 100 chapters

Because it was the first chapter and Oda hadn't thought of Haki yet.

Because One Piece was a good story back then that didn't rely on O My Haki.

Wrong, he conciously did it to motivate Luffy. He's bet it on the new era.

>Believing a retcon
Oda is a hack.

That much is not a retcon. Shanks literally says that.


Realistically, he should've been able to just punch that snake in the ass and make it explode. Because that's the level Luffy is at at the moment.

Power levels fucked One Piece more than they did most shonen mangas of its time.

Untrue, One Piece has one of the most thoughtful power level reflection systems with the bounty mechanism as it's not a number propagated and alocated entirely or sometimes even partialy on what one would percieve as the raw powe on the individual in question as it's all based entirely on their caliber as a pirate and the actual mischief they execute as they are adjudicated from the point of view of the gorld government and it's overall ramifications and reports, masterful work from Oda.

>guy MC looks up to and wants to surpass loses his arm to Sea King in chapter 1
>MC one shots the same Sea King in the very same chapter

Oda didn't expect it to last very long for some reason

It wouldn't motivate Luffy as much if he hadn't lost an arm.
Remember, the world revolves around Luffy, the Chosen One reincarnation of Joyboy. And it seems Shanks knows this.

Why doesn't he just get a robot arrm

>Power levels fucked One Piece more than they did most shonen mangas of its time.
Not really, Mihawk appeared in chapter 49 and most of the main cast still has no chance against him (at least till chapter 800, haven't caught up in a while). One Piece's lack of power creep is impressive considering how long it is.

The real question is why does OP live rent free in all of your heads?

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Wan piss is filled with asspulls, that's why.

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Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge some obvious flaws?

I agree for Zoro but G4 isn't asspull, he trained for it.

The real question is why cucks like you eat up badly written up series that are long past their Zenith.

Everything about Haki is an asspull and a prime example of bad and lazy writing.


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Imu hadn't raised his bounty high enough yet

You gotta be shitting me. Current Luffy would solo Marineford with ease.

Huh, didn't sea monsters supposed to be seriously broken back then?

No. Luffy punched the same one in the Buggy arc.

Mihawk's Baratie feats were surpassed by Zoro in Water 7, Mihawk's Marineford feats surpassed by Zoro in Dressrosa. Mihawk is stronger than Zoro just from portrayal alone, if current Zoro easily cut the RedLine into pieces then Mihawk would be capable of doing the same, as currently he's still supposed to be stronger than Zoro, it would still be a massive power creep

>Implying HxH doesn't have worse asspulls than the manga on the right

All the powerups in enies lobby were asspulls and they were fucking awesome

Current Luffy could take on Kuzan, Sakazuki and Borsalino 1v3? Must've missed a lot the last hundred chapters then.

>All the powerups in enies lobby were asspulls and they were fucking awesome
spic detected

This makes no fucking sense

He punches him by the end of Chapter 1

Oh yeah lol

Its been more than 15 years since I saw that

Why is Naruto's powerup on that list? That's not an asspull. All he did was use the fox's power which he did through the whole series. But now he can use it without turning into a monster.

Nanika existing isn't an asspull, Killua getting free wishes from Nanika is the asspull. The only one in the series at that.



it wouldn't have helped.

The Lord of the Coast takes whatever he wants

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>The only one in the series at that
Tell me one (1) character with as many asspull abilities as Kurapika

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The sea monster was actually stronger than a yonkou, but then it loses a battle to an even stronger sea monster and loses most of its power so that Luffy can defeat him later. Like Crocodile.

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He's overpowered and a garystu, but his powers aren't asspulls. ok maybe the dolphin

That's not how powercreep works. Powercreep would be if Zoro would stomp Mihawk and suddenly another swordsman would show up that was many times stronger than the strongest swordsman in the world.


Luffy defeating 2 Shichibukai was a massive BS

Yes, thank you.

I guess the asspull would be the kyuubi form because Bee just went through the normal transformations, but Yugito and Gaara also had different transformations so one could assume it varies from seal to seal and bijuu to bijuu