Hunter x Hunter

I've been abstaining from reading the manga since the 2011 anime ended since there wasn't much to read anyways, but I'm picking it up again now.
Really look forward to see what Togashi is going to do with Shalnark's character. He is legitimately the most interesting one in the phantom troupe and I bet that there'll be a bigger focus on him when the troupe finally meets up with Chrollo again.
So from which chapter do I start reading now if I just want to see the post anime stuff?

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Obvious bait.


Shalnark is alive and healthy.

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Shalnark becomes close friends with Kortopi in the manga.

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Anime ends at Ch 339.

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Why was Shalnark always so goddamn happy?

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He has the most punchable face.

What was his problem?

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Manlets are always so edgy.

Damn it, I wanted to make the next thread...

You should start begin with chapter 357.

He was a optimist who despite everyhitng loves life and his friends. He was also a nen using Hunter, so he had a lot of opportunities in life.

He's literally Killua with colorswapped hair.
The "epic", edgy manlet swordsmaster with ridiculous uber skills unbefitting of his looks that every bad series has to have. Basically Sasuke 3.0.

Going to check it out, thanks Yas Forumsnon!

Daily dickings

what did Kurapika mean by this?

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You're very welcome, fellow Yas Forumsnon ;)

I wish Shalnark put different outfits every now and then.

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I-I thought myself nen guise... Am I cool yet?

That's because he's a Zoldyck

dont you have to wait another 10 years for the next chapters

A lot of people died or were heavily wounded...for nothing for in the end, neither Chrollo nor Hisoka died! What a waste...of lives.

That's not true he's literally me

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Hisoka is crazy, random, epic, witty, strong, based and has a good sense of humor.
He is just like me

For me, it's Pariston - intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor. Just like me.

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Chrollo is smart, nihilistic, charismatic, handsome and has a wicked sense of humor.
Just like me

At least he's still alive.

Menthuthuyoupi is loyal, brave, strong, cunning, learning, based and has a good sense of duty.
He is just like me

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Don't the audience pay to view the fights? How much customers did Heaven's Arena lose that day?

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