Shingeki no Kyojin

Is it wrong to deny someone their right to nonexistence?

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122 was a dumpster fire, Isayama really saved himself with the masterpeice that was 123

Yes, extremely.


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I miss Yumiru

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>never mentioned again
That's a strange way of missing someone.

We know gaystoria

Remember when this manga was about Eren?

It never was just about Eren though you fucking braindead retard?

Well Historia herself rarely appeared after Uprising

There's no need to be hurtful

Yes. There is no worse offense than to trample on someone's right to have never been born.

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>hooked me in with the: "Mecha but it's Medieval Europe" concept
>turns into conspiracy drama and author's shallow-edgy philosophical mouth piece

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>ywn see Reiner bashing Annie's head with a happer
>ywn see Reiner twisting Annie's jew nose
>ywn see Reiner stomping on Annie's face over and over
>ywn see Reiner tying Annie and lock her down in a basement to starve
>ywn see Reiner inviting his bros to drug Annie and gangrape her
>ywn see Reiner urinating on Annie
Why live

This but swap Annie and Reiner.

>ywn see Reiner inviting his bros to drug Annie and gangrape her
>ywn see Reiner urinating on Annie

Don't forget the mildly fascist overtones

Hans better not die next chapter

>This will never happen
>You will never hear Annie's blood curdling screams as Reiner and his bros savagely rape her in the anime adaptation

>turning from simple fun to wannabe philosophical -politics drama
I hate this trope so fucking much.

Only those who truly understand knows that Eren has no right to let them live.

Loved this chapter until EHfags used ymir for their ship, apparently her simply exsisting means Isayama is gonna shoehorn reincarnation into this manga. Even though that makes no sense.

>tfw you realize SnK is Naruto

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To be fair she being born is an interesting way of she being free from the paths, in fact Ymir in the original myths was known for reincarnation

Not him but it depends which Edda or version are you looking for. Ymir (in one of her names) is a man and a woman, father and mother of the giants.
Would need to look for the book talking about the reincarnation though but I remember seeing something like that.

Calm down Arminfags

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>everyone working to thwart eren
then what is it about now?

that's a stretch, atleast isayama doesn't copy paste shinto lore into it

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Also it would kinda close a loop
>Dykemir was named after OG Ymir while OG Ymir was named after Dykemir

She killed billions of threads

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There is also a dark version of the theory:
The ending is Historia's daughter finding the tree and falling on it, ending in the past so this is more based on the time travel meme of the Tree

Please don't start this shit again whale

goddamn it I hate this image because of how disrespectful it is

Do Dogren self-inserters really think their self insert stands a chance against the absolute unit that figured out to use a big rock to close a big hole and that 3 cups = 3 enemies?

Even though this is bait it's still based, 3 cups=3 enemies is unironically too much to comprehend and understand for 3 outta 10

Before one asks the question of the ethics of the denial of the another's choice to the right of non-existence. One should question does anyone truly have choice to non-existence for others to deny or is that choice merely the illusion of choice? And before that one should also question if they truly exist to begin with or if their existence is merely illusion.

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3 cups could mean one enemy drinking out of three cups
I unironically drink every cup of coffee that I drink from a different cup

I doubt enemies campaigning in foreign territory would waste resources like that.

Exactly. This suggests that they are not enemies but just people who invented a fun new drink