Does she have our backing ?

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I can't believe Kim is RIP...

go away already


Wrong board.

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Hell yes

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I for one welcome our nork overlady.

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she is cute.

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Where do you find all of this art? I love it

You should check your eyesight, it's written in the picture.


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>Kim in Heaven

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left or right?

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this meme is fucking good, i love Yas Forums

I always go for the asian, so left

>draws fanart of a high ranking member of a brutal dictatorship because she's not a total uggo
I wonder if these people would have drawn fanarts Himmler if he was a 7/10 girl?

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Stop getting horny for dictators

Yes. Im 100% sure they would user

I'd beat my dick vigorously until the SS kick down my door to a loli Himmler, yes.

Here's more

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I'll lewd everything what I want, nothing can stop me.

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Would she actually take over if Kim was dead?


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>no manga about cute girls committing war crimes
You could have a virologist girl engineering bioweapons, chemist girl engineering explosives and toxic gases, physicist girl helping create nuclear weapons, etc

literally not a single pic posted originated here

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the normals cashed in on this early