Why was she always naked?

Why was she always naked?

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The bigger question is why aren't you?

why is your dog always naked?

Because she is a slut who pleases young wolves for nothing.

because its pandering trash

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Why should animals wear clothes?

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Don't wolves stay with their mates for life? Why did Holo whore around instead?

I'm in my underwear 95% of time.

Was she ever naked after the first chapter?

Because wolves don't wear clothes, retard.

Yes, she undresses whenever she needs to transform, excluding that one time at the end of volume 1. Sometimes Lawrence undresses her.

That is a pornographic picture


Easy access


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Because EVERYONE is always naked, retard. YOU are always naked. You just put clothes over your body to hide this fact.

How many apples can she fit in her ass?

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door. Reddit is two blocks down.

I don't believe you.

All women should be naked most of the time as a sign of submission.

Is this a Horo thread or a shitpost thread?

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I'm pretty sure this will turn into a fap thread.

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artist name?

I'm pretty sure thats cropped nsfw

Post webm of smoke being clear up!

it's more than one artist.
Kawakami rokkaku and takanashi rei.

Looks like you were right. Look at this horny user wanting to fap.

Here you go user.

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Damn, such a great page.

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There are normal animal in that manga or is that just a streaker?

It really says something about a girl when she can be absurdly erotic while fully clothed and not acting like a whore.